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Opto on Kickstarter- Virtual Reality for the living room

In Summary

Opto is raising funds for Opto – Virtual Reality for the living room on Kickstarter! The first portable VR headset with built-in audio. An all-in-one device to enjoy movies, games, photos & more

Kickstarter Opto Virtual Reality Virtual Reality

About this project

Opto is a new kind of Virtual Reality Headset that lets you experience movies, videos, games and other content wherever you are.

They are making high-quality VR accessible for anyone who owns a smartphone. With Opto, VR is finally moving from the gaming den to the living room.

VR content is growing and expanding beyond just games, with documentaries, music videos, Netflix, movies and more now available for VR.

Current VR headsets are not designed with this in mind, they are bulky, heavy, have lots of wires and require you to plug in additional headphones.

This is where Opto comes in, its lightweight all-in-one design lets you jump in and out of VR when you want – so sitting on the sofa to watch a movie feels natural.

How does it work?

Simply remove the front cover, drop in your smartphone, connect the audio and snap the front cover back on. It’s as easy to use as putting on a pair of headphones.



Opto has been designed to make it very easy to add and remove your phone from the enclosure. You can even use the phone when it is in the the front cover and then snap it back on to continue your VR experience.

Opto works with any smartphone brand with a screen size between 4 and 5.1 inches (e.g. iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, Samsung S6). You can also wear your glasses while using Opto.

What makes Opto Different?

Opto has 5 main advantages over other headsets:


1. SOUND! – Opto has built-in audio so there is no fiddling with wires and no need to carry headphones with you. The on-ear headphones have 40mm 32ohm speakers that provide great sound.

Opto Virtual Reality headset Kickstarter

2. Portable, ultra light and very strong – The headset body is manufactured from lightweight foam, giving you hours of comfortable viewing and can easily withstand knocks and bumps. Take Opto with you wherever you go.

Opto Virtual Reality headset Kickstarter

3. Extra large lenses – Opto’s optics give you greater clarity, a wider field of view and make you feel more immersed. Our extra large lenses are 25% bigger than other major VR headsets.

Opto Virtual Reality headset Kickstarter

4. Magnetic cover – The front cover allows you to quickly remove and re-attach your phone letting you use your phone and then return to your VR experience.

Opto Virtual Reality headset Kickstarter

5. Use any smart phone – Compatible with any smartphone brand with a screen size between 4 to 5.1 inches.

Opto Virtual Reality headset Kickstarter


Opto is aimed at anyone with a smartphone who is interested in Virtual Reality or would just like to get in on the action and see what VR has to offer. If you like watching movies, playing games or learning new things then VR has a lot to offer and brings a new medium and way to enjoy these.

For more details about Opto, check them out on Kickstarter or on Twitter at @OptoVR



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