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Microsoft VR is Completely Missing the Mark Without Xbox

Microsoft VR Should be Leveraging Their Xbox Console to Get into Virtual Reality

It seems like when it comes to a Microsoft VR story, they continue to stumble along without any idea what to provide to the market. Quite honestly, after trying out Hololens, we weren’t all that impressed for a couple of reasons.

  1. The field of view (FOV) is only 60, and its a Square. Strike that, its just a Microsoft Window displayed in a visor. That means that staying within the view is pretty tough and wasnt very comfortable
  2. The sensors are very sensitive to light and this can cause a lot of delays or lack of response from the visor to display content on walls and in space
  3. We also found the gestures to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Our guess is that it was related to the light in the room also affecting the sensors

Is Microsoft Missing a Huge Opportunity in VR using Xbox?

But here is the real kicker. Putting Augmented Reality aside, is there a Microsoft VR strategy or are they just uncertain what to build? Well, in our opinion, Microsoft is missing an absolutely golden opportunity to step up and integrate a Microsoft VR headset with their Xbox console. This is the approach that Playstation took and it is really a good solution. Having tried out out all of the major products in the market, Playstation VR really stands out because they make it easy to get started (no PC needed, high quality headset, and you can use your existing controllers too).


microsoft VR

At best, Microsoft says they plan to integrate a Microsoft VR headset and show it plugging into a PC. Is this rather short-sited, are they chasing the market, or are they missing a huge opportunity to intergrate with Xbox?

They say their headset will be out sometime early next year and won’t require the same level of high specification as other headsets today. That is a good approach in part, but why not tackle the wider console market where they already have a huge install base?

So I guess the question we wonder is why doesn’t Microsoft see their broader opportunity in the market for a Microsoft VR solution?

Are they unable to recognise that with their massive install base of Xbox users, that they can just get a nice pair of headsets out and integrate them fast? Plus for those that don’t already have Kinect, they could just bundle that in and they would increase their entire product sales.

It seems like the Microsoft strategy is more tactical and really not market leading at all. Yeah we are being honest about our observations here. But why would you want to build another pair of headsets that have to go head to head with all of the other major players and still require a PC? That seems a very outdated approach given that the market is shifting more and more to mobile, tablet, and console based strategies.

So are we wrong? Perhaps. Microsoft has been around a long time and one thing is for sure. They will buy whatever they want to get into the market. They have done that for years with many of their now successful products. So perhaps they have something up their sleeves that we simply can’t imagine or see? Sure that’s possible.

For now, all we can suggest is a wait and see approach and until then we will stick with the Oculus, HTC and Playstation trifecta.

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