Monday , 17 December 2018
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Meet Photon, the first robot that grows up with your child

Meet a clever little robot called Photon

Photon is a clever little robot designed to grow up with children while also teaching them programming. Designed by Photon Entertainment, Photon is a robot that educates children through a mixture of storytelling and puzzles to stimulate their minds.  Photon comes equipped with a variety of sensors that enables it to see, hear, and react when it is touched. It is also able to distinguish between light and dark, and measure proximity.

Having recently come off of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Photon entertainment is now working hard to get those robots out into the world to grow and develop. They have designed a programming language which was inspired by Scratch and Google Blockly, which are simple and digestible code concepts for children.

Photon Robot

Photon is a little cute alien whose ship crashed here on Earth. Children are given programming tasks to help him heal from his crash and help him rebuild his spaceship. Although more of an interactive toy than an immersive one, Photon pairs with a smartphone or tablet. Children can learn about where he came from and are given tasks to try to help him get home.

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