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Marlene will haunt and scare you forever -15% Black Friday

Marlene from Uzigames Brings New Horror and a Black Friday Savings

Marlene is an immersive VR horror story from Uzigames in which you play as the protagonist Ewan who is on his way to visit his estranged sister at her remote cottage. You take on the role of Ewan to investigate what has happened to his niece Marlene who seems to have disappeared. You start the game by investigating Ewan’s estranged sister’s remote cottage to uncover the truth about his niece Marlene’s disappearance. Naturally as the story unfolds, it goes downhill from there, getting creepier, scarier and more challenging. 

Marlene Uzigames

The goal is to complete a series of task and to solve a variety of puzzles in virtual reality as you progress through this supernatural horror experience. In Marlene you solve tasks and puzzles with the use of VR room scale and the manipulation of objects to progress further into the supernatural story.

The game was created using Unreal 4 engine and utilizes realistic graphics and lighting to provide atmosphere and immersion with a whole host of spooky sound effects to keep the player on edge.

This is act one of a three part story, in which you will play a different protagonist for each act with a different view on the events surrounding Marlene and what has happened to her.

The game is very interactive and gets you immersed in an intriguing horror story. While you are trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Ewan’s estranged family you get to explore a wonderful supernatural experience (music included).

Marlene is designed for the HTC Vive and you can download it on Steam. You can also find it on the Humble store.

Will you solve the puzzles in time to save her? Only time will tell! The best time to find out is while the Black Friday 15% discount is on. Don’t let Marlene down! Ewan only has a limited time.

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