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VR is Better When You Can Achieve Touch (Manus VR)

Manus VR is Developing a Glove Designed to Optimise Feeling What We Touch in Virtual Reality

We have a variety of goggles now in the market ranging from 2K-4k, with various examples of motion tracking and control. To enhance the experience there a few companies working on next generation projects in Haptic Technology (Touch). By putting on various items on your body, you are able to feel and experience various sensations when you touch objects in Virtual Reality. One of the companies working on this is Manus VR. In our previous articles, we have highlighted some of the related work that we see taking place in gesture controls as well as highlighting the missing element of touch in VR.

Manus VR is one of the first of a handful of companies that are developing Haptic gloves for tracking your hands and providing feedback within VR. Based in The Netherlands (Holland), their gloves are designed to provide a level of accuracy for the interaction of your hands with objects in VR. They do this by focussing on the tracking and movement of the hands and then providing vibration feedback within the hands which they call Haptic Feedback.

On the technical side, their gloves contain gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers to provide real-time accuracy in VR. Hand movements are tracked using high end sensors providing a realistic experience. The experience integrates a VR controller like from HTC Vive with the gloves. This means that your motion and movements are being sensed and tracked to retain your hands and motions in sync with what you feel for real. In addition they have an open SDK for developers to work with the products and software to create their own experiences. The gloves are also wireless using bluetooth so that you do not have cables. They are also designed to be “fashionable” for comfort and durability. Most importantly despite all the technology inside, they are also machine washable!



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