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Magic Leap Visor Patent Suggests Exciting New Tech Soon!

Will the Magic Leap Visor Revolutionise Augmented and Mixed Reality?

In a new exciting development, Magic Leap has filed a new patent with the US Patent Office. Having raised around $800M from the likes of Google and Alibaba, they are continuing to develop a new product. For months the question has been what will they be making? It appears that there maybe some sort of Magic Leap Visor or Headset in the works.

Now we have the first indication of what they are up to and it is exciting.

magic leap visor

What they are developing aims to change the way we will interact with the real world around us. Their development aims to integrate our real world with a variety of other imaginary or real world images. Their patent focuses on what they refer to as the “Interpupillary distance.” This effectively means that they are focussed on having adjustments in the visor for the distance from your pupils and to make each eye adjustment independently. What the patent suggests is that images can be displayed or projected to each pupil so that the other worldly images can be projected while you are looking at the real world in parallel.

The abstract from the Magic Leap Visor Patent states:

“A Virtual or Augmented Reality headset is provided having a frame, a pair of virtual or augmented reality eyepieces, and an interpupillary distance adjustment mechanism. The frame includes opposing arm members, a bridge positioned intermediate the opposing arm members, and one or more linear rails. The adjustment mechanism is coupled to the virtual or augmented reality eyepieces and operable to simultaneously move the eyepieces in adjustment directions aligned with the plurality of linear rails to adjust the interpupillary distance of the eyepieces.”

magic leap visor

In addition, the other images found within the patent show a variety of visor images which show a very sleak, cool and perhaps light weight product. This would be a first in the industry and is an exciting potential development.

While it is unclear what the final product will actually be (the patent are only indications of design factors) it seems likely that the Magic Leap visor will be a more lightweight and portable product. Such a design will certainly make them a more palatable product to use everyday. The Magic Leap visor patent certainly suggests that we may well see something that addresses this and makes the product useful for daily use.



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