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Magic Leap Just a Crazy Day in the Office (Mixed Reality)

Magic Leap: This Crazy Day Might Just be a Realistic Day

Although we have covered some of the Magic Leap technology in previous articles, its sometimes good to look back at the demos and videos they have shared. One of the cool things they have presented is how they could change our office environment to have a crazy day. They have demonstrated a range of things you might put into your office setting from managing your calendar, to buying shoes, and having a break to battle with zombies.

Although this video gives you a good flavour of what they can do, the most exciting one we have seen is the collaboration they did with LucasFilm for a Star Wars demo. I was half expecting Ben Kenobi to be projected by R2D2!

So who are Magic Leap?

For those of you who don’t know, they are a Florida-based Mixed Reality company that are shrouded in secrecy about their technology. They have done a number of demos (you can see some of those videos here) showcasing their technology. They essentially overlay our reality with layers of computer-generated content. What you see is a mixture of reality and other content to give you a truly unexpected new reality. What is unclear about Magic Leap is how their technology will be shared as they have yet to disclose any information with the public.

The company is a startup that has raised over $1B, most notably from Alibaba and Google. They have hired a range of highly talented people as well hired top graduates from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). What they are building is Mixed Reality Lightfield™, a method to display virtual objects in the real world. The cool thing is that you can still move your eyes around despite a projection onto your retina.

Magic Leap says it’s also using light field technology to “reverse engineer” to take real life images and make them part of a virtual and mixed environment. Its an interesting concept although I suppose I need a good engineer to explain to me what they are actually doing! Perhaps that is where all the secrecy really lies.

Can You Even Imagine This in Your World?

So imagine your wall turning into a cave entrance with a bear coming out, or your ceiling appearing like you are approaching Mars in space. Actually the number and types of experiences is really just a matter of imagination. One thing that is clear is that there are both commercial and consumer opportunities for their technology.


So does this Crazy Day video look too crazy to be true? Or do you think it will happen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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