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Leap Motion’s Magical and Blissful Universe (Weightless)

Leap Motion Launches a Magical Game called Weightless

If you are not familiar with leap motion, they provide a unique solution to having your hands within VR. They allow you interact with digital hands by tracking the motion of your hands and fingers. This is then converted into 3D and displayed within your Virtual Reality experience.

As a next step in their evolution, Leap Motion launched a video of its new game called Weightless. The idea is that you can be in a zero gravity environment to throw objects and really experience the power of the Leap Motion hand-tracking technology.

As you watch the video you can get a sense of how powerful an experience this can be to work in a weightless environment. However what feels like is missing is something haptic like GloveOne from Neurodigital. Their gloves enable you to feel what you are touching. Now I wonder when these two companies might actually partner up? That might be what’s needed to really connect the visual control with the actual sensation in your hands.

Just to give you an idea of what Neurodigital does, have a look at this video as well.

So where is all of this going? Just look at the level of detail that Leap Motion is able to provide you to touch and move objects. Although you can’t feel them, you can certainly sense the level of control that is coming in VR. There is a level of control, detail and precision which is exciting. The idea being in VR without any controllers is certainly very appealing.

I am betting that when Leap Motion finally gets together with a haptics company such as Neurodigital we might just see the next major leap forwards in VR. That might the most exciting prospect in being able to both see our hands and control what we see as well.

What is even more exciting is that we see the next generation of goggles that are both 4K in nature such as the (Chinese maker Pimax with their 4K VR) and also wireless as well. So what really looks the future of VR is really a wireless world where we also have control of our hands as well as feeling what we touch.

Exciting times abound and we look forward to seeing the next generation of products and integrations soon!


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