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Overkill VR Intense Fun Action Game for HTC Vive Out Nov 16

Overkill VR Has You Leading the Resistance Against an Enemy Foe (The Faction)

We recently came across a gaming company called Game Troopers based in Spain. They used to make apps for Windows but shifted completely into Virtual Reality just at the beginning of 2016. Since then they have been full throttle developing Overkill VR to bring a new gaming experience to the market.

Overkill VR

Their release of their new game Overkill VR for HTC Vive looks pretty intense and exciting too. The game is set in a variety war-based settings. You are brought in to fight The Faction, a group that are clearly not good for this planet!

The game enables you to duck and hide behind bunkers and sandbags as you move through the game to defeat the enemy. From what we have seen of the previews and demos, it looks pretty exciting and intense. Just the idea of being confronted with enemies and being shot from all directions gave us a pretty intense feeling of what to expect.

The game has about 40 levels, and as you progress, your goal is to continue to defeat the enemy while you continue to gain more points and upgrade your weapons. There are multiple ways to move through each scenario, so the exciting aspect is that you can flank and surprise your enemies similar to some of the other 2D shooting/strategy games we have seen on the market.

Some of the other really cool features include:

  • Crouching and hiding from enemies as well as standing
  • You can shoot with one or two hands. So you will need both controllers for some of the more complex weapons
  • You can coordinate attacks to flank your foes
  • Multiple scenarios with different ways to complete each scenario

The game is expected out on the 16 November 2016 so we will be trying it out as soon as its released and will report back. Until then, stay safe! 🙂

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