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HTC WIFI For $220 but $1000 for VR Just Seems Greedy

HTC WIFI Is Now Available For Their Headsets and Promises No Impact on Latency (Response) And It Just Got More Expensive For VR

If you have ever tried using a Virtual Reality headset (or even if you haven’t), one thing that you will quickly notice are all of the cables. Currently to make your headset work, you are provided a long cable for your PC that gives you a lot of mobility. Now a new HTC WIFI add-on enables you to use your HTC without all the cables. But now is it too expensive for the masses to get started?

The major issue with VR is the cost of setting up Virtual Reality at home. First off, you need a pretty good PC that has a fairly high end graphics card, good processor and enough memory and a fast enough hard disk as well. If you run on Microsoft Windows then you will have probably come across that system screen that provides you an index score of your PC performance. And the only way to get the number higher is to buy better and faster components. That can cost you a lot of money just to get a ready to go PC!

Source: Engadget

Then having got your PC either upgraded or new, you have to buy your new headset which will set you back a cool $799 or so depending which is about double the price of a Playstation VR and about $200 more than an Oculus Rift.

So add HTC WIFI to the mix for another $220 bringing their product up to the $1000 mark! Honestly, it sounds more like they are trying to price themselves out of the market OR are trying to price themselves like they are the most expensive for being the best (like a luxury item).

Having already reviewed the Playstation VR headset and having tried Oculus Rift as well, we can not understand the justification for the high HTC total price nor why the HTC WIFI add-on is so expensive. Think about the price to buy a wifi component for your network and you would never pay that kind of price. So is there something extra special in the HTC WIFI add-on that really is about more than the networking?

Meanwhile the Playstation comes with a higher refresh rate of 120 vs the HTC 90 and overall the experience is pretty similar and for half the price.

Perhaps we are just counting our pennies but to be honest we would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and opinions about the HTC Vive prices.

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