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Horror Week The Walking Dead Surround You In This 360 Video

The Walking Dead first ever 360 degree video, watch it on your VR headset now.

I think we all heard about the show: The Walking Dead. If not here is a quick story line: The Walking Dead tells the story of the weeks and months that follow after the apocalypse. The world is populated by the zombies and just few humans who are fighting for survival.

Now the producers of the show have created a short movie where, finally you can be in the middle of this fight. Transport yourself to the forest where hordes of zombies are trying to literally pick your brains up. You can get the thrill of the action in the show and feel like the last human on earth (with very tasty brain). If you fancy to see how would you feel being beset by the zombies, just watch this. Just remember you can always take the VR headset off and be safe. Something that cast of the show simply cannot do.

The Walking Dead 360 video IamVR VR Zombies

You can watch it in your computer browser now or using mobile VR headset 

Just go to YouTube to watch the 360 degree video, you can control the view on your screen with the mouse. For more immersive experience use the VR mobile headset. Watching these kind of movies in VR gives you the thrill and adrenaline rush. The feeling of immersion the VR can offer is really hard to beat. Let me know if you have lasted till the end of the segment or have you got eaten alive before that.

This short clip was directed by Greg Nicotero who is the make-up effects creator and executive producer of the show The Walking Dead. AMC teased that this is just the beginning in the 360 degree video world for the show. They are planning to release more stories in 360 during the season 7. Perhaps the human cast members will have their VR debut soon! All we can do is to wait and see!

The Walking Dead season 7 begun Sunday, October 23 on AMC.


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