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Horror Week – Aggravate The Ghost In The Forest Trailer VR

The Forest – Jump Scares, Ghost and Weird Hallucinations

The Forest is a movie about Sara who is on the quest to find her twin sister in the midst of The Suicide Forest.

Story line – Sara received a phone call from Japanese authorities about whereabouts of her twin sister Jess. The police thinks that Jess is dead. Sara goes on a mission to find her sister, who went to The Suicide Forest. The Suicide Forest is located in Japan, at the base of Mount Fuji. From then on all starts to be just a little bit scary to say the least. Sara meets a reporter Aiden, who will help her to gain entry to the forbidden place. Once in the forest she finds a yellow tent belonging to her sister Jess. Sara decides to stay in the forest overnight. Things are starting to become very scary for Sara. Sara experiences hallucinations where she sees different scary beings. And.. I am afraid that I will leave you hanging here.

the forest IamVR Suicide forest

Still Hanging?

If you want to know what happened next simply watch the movie. The Forest, which is available on Blue-Ray DVD and for download. You are probably think, this does not sound scary at all. I would suggest to check out the trailer and decide for yourself. You can leave your comments below, however watch the trailer first.

Suicide Forest IamVR 360 video trailer VR IamVR

How to watch The Forest Trailer

Here is a trailer which will leave you in a bit of that adrenaline rush we all love. Below two links depending how you want to watch. 360 degrees on your browser screen or on your VR headset (which I find works better for the jump scare moments).

For VR headset:

For Browser in 360:

Was that scary?

Did you jump a few times?  If you need that little bit more extra to get in the mood for Halloween, wait for the next trailer of Insidious 2 coming later on today. Be prepared for the fear factor that is coming your way. Prepare your VR headset for The Insidious 3, you will need it.


There is only 4 days left to Halloween. Hope you have your costumes sorted.

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