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Badass Hackvention In Hannover Will Host Atari Founder

First Even Hackvention in Hannover, Germany

If you do not have plans for this weekend, you just made them now. Come to Hannover in Germany to experience first ever Hackvention hosted by Deutsche Messe AG. The event will take place at Hannover Exhibition Center. Get your tickets here: Hackvention 

Here is the press release from Deutsche Messe AG

Germany’s first HACKVENTION to be held at Hannover Exhibition Center

  • 2–4 December 2016 in conference area of Hall 2
  • Combination of hackathon and convention
  • Hackathon: approx. 100 developers and up to 20 corporate sponsors
  • Exhibition: 16 companies with professional Virtual Reality solutions
  • Conference: interview with Atari founder Nolan Bushnell
  • CAE-Forum network to discuss VR/AR in industry
  • VR meet-up organizers provide review of 2016 / preview of 2017
  • Partners: TVN GROUP Film & TV Production, hannoverimpuls GmbH and Startup Göttingen e.V.

By transforming practically all aspects of our everyday lives, digitalization is radically redefining user expectations of companies and their products and services. As part of its close and active watching brief on this digital and cultural paradigm shift, Deutsche Messe is partnering with TVN GROUP, hannoverimpuls and Startup Göttingen to stage Germany’s first-ever Virtual Reality HACKVENTION. Held from 2 to 4 December 2016 at the Hannover Exhibition Center, the event will be a living embodiment of the latest disruptive and innovative technologies.

Why Hannover

Hannover. Google recently launched its Daydream View headset; in October Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg presented the Oculus headset and his vision for Facebook in the VR age; and HTC and Valve are currently working on a room-scale holodeck called Vive. In other words, Virtual Reality has come a long way from its niche technology origins and is now a multi-billion-dollar market. Deutsche Messe and partners TVN GROUP Film & TV Production, hannoverimpuls, and Startup Göttingen e. V. are providing a close-up on this exciting and fast-evolving area at Germany’s first-ever HACKVENTION. Held from 2 to 4 December this year at the Hannover Exhibition Center, the event is a meet-up between around 100 developers and up to 20 sponsors from business and industry.

Messegelände, Aussenaufnahme, Freifläche, Pavillons und Expodach Hackvention Hannover VR IamVR
Messegelände, Aussenaufnahme, Freifläche, Pavillons und Expodach

Outside of gaming, Virtual Reality has enormous and as yet largely untapped potential for professional and functional applications. It has the power to disrupt entire sectors, deliver major improvements to service and process quality and make on-the-job and classroom-based education and training a vastly richer and more engaging experience. And that, precisely, is where the HACKVENTION comes in.

What’s in there for me?

The Virtual Reality HACKVENTION is a community event where professional users from business and industry can meet up with VR hardware and software manufacturers and developers as well as experts and enthusiasts from the VR scene to discuss all forms of immersive visual technology, such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° photography and video. For three full days it will transform the conference area of Hall 2 into a mega meetup for the Virtual Reality sector. Needless to say, the event will have a strong focus on business, comprising an exhibition, a conference and, of course, a hackathon. The hackathon part – in keeping with its origins as a fusion of “hack” and “marathon” – will run for 48 hours and will see multiple teams feverishly developing new software solutions to solve set challenges. Held at the Hannover Exhibition center, the HACKVENTION is one of the biggest VR events of its kind in Germany.

For Deutsche Messe – and its CeBIT team in particular – the HACKVENTION is an important platform for consolidating ties with the VR community and drawing VR users more closely into the CeBIT fold.

“The HACKVENTION is our pilot event on Virtual Reality. VR technology is now about much more than just gaming. It is constantly finding new applications in a whole range of industries,” commented Oliver Frese, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member responsible for the company’s ICT and digital business shows. “And so we and our partners are delighted to be staging an event dedicated to this technology. Comprising both a hackathon and a convention, it will maximize the turnout of key players and make a valuable contribution to the VR scene. Going forward, we intend to develop the HACKVENTION format on an ongoing basis in partnership with the VR community. The first fruits of this will in fact feature at the upcoming CeBIT 2017,” he said.


For full press release go here

The team behind this great event is looking froward to meeting you there in person!

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