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Google Searches: The Search is On, and HTC Takes Search Lead

For the last four years the Oculus Rift had led the HTC Vive in the number of searches on Google, albeit, the Vive wasn’t announced until early 2015. With that said, Google searches for ‘HTC Vive’ have finally eclipsed that of ‘Oculus Rift’ according to recent Google Trends data. Since the announcement of the Vive in early 2015, the Rift had been leading in search volume by quite a wide margin, until early this year when a surge of Vive searches appeared. It’s rather interesting that searches for ‘Oculus Rift’ reached a peak in January of this year, while searches for ‘HTC Vive’ peaked in April, just as the product launched.

HTC overtakes Oculus google search results virtual reality iamvr Virtual RealityIn May, search volume for both headsets began to decline, but searches for ‘Oculus Rift’ fell more than that of ‘HTC Vive’, leading to the Vive eclipsing that of the Rift in Late May. While many analysts believe that the Rift will likely outsell the Vive both this year and next year, search volume seems to be suggesting another story. It will be interesting to watch the trend over the remainder of the year, and in my opinion analysts will be able to gauge interest quite well by looking at the November and December numbers for both search phrases.

With the Playstation VR headset expected to launch in mid October and lead the pack, the battle for 2nd place will be incredibly important for long-term viability. Check out the Google Trends Chart Below:

Source: VRTalk

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