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Massive Hunt for Palmer Luckey. Snap a Photo, Win VR ObserVR

Help Us Find Palmer Luckey and Win a Free ObserVR Headset from VR Prime

Its been 28 days since that fateful discovery that Palmer Luckey, the Oculus Rift founder, was involved in funding memes that supported Trump (and were anti-Hillary). It was on September 23 that Palmer had issued a statement surrounding his involvement with Nimble America. As a sidenote, apparently Palmer had donated as much as $10000 and claimed that he “thought the organization had fresh ideas on how to communicate with young voters.” Since then he has gone deathly silent. He wasn’t seen at the Oculus Connect 3 conference. He hasn’t posted or tweeted anything. Facebook has not spoken a word about him. And no Wikileaks style failsafe has been posted either!

Palmer Luckey ObserVR VR Prime Headset

Now we understand that Palmer may have just been naive, or perhaps he wasn’t, but he has been our VR hero who has worked tirelessly to bring VR to life. Clearly his investments did not reflect those of Facebook which likely explains his sudden disappearance.

Take a Photo With Palmer Luckey and Win a VR ObserVR Headset

Well to remedy the problem and put everyone at ease to know he is ok, we are offering a bounty to anyone who can snap a picture of him and prove that their photo is accurate and real. Either a photo or a Facebook Live video showing him would be great. Frankly the video is even better since you would have live proof that he is OK!

Now are certainly not advocating stalking him! Definitely not! However, it would be good to know that Palmer Luckey is in fact OK, and just in hiding.

So while Facebook keeps up their PR engine of making Oculus Rift a success and making sure that Palmer is kept hidden, we would prefer to know he is ok.

So please, get out your cameras and smartphones, and start snapping. The winner will win the ObserVR headset and will be featured in a future article on IamVR.

So what are you waiting for? Get snapping and help us find Palmer Luckey!


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