Wednesday , 19 December 2018
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Genesis – Fight, Battle and Win in Augmented Reality Game

What is Genesis, Augmented Reality Battle of the Year?

You might have seen our earlier Star Wars video about the Hologrid which was being turned into an Augmented Reality game. In a similar vain, Genesis is another interesting battle game designed to be addictive. The graphics of the dragon breathing fire certainly got our attention!

According to the team on Kickstarter:

“Each character is equipped with a myriad of attacks some reliant on brute force and others on mystic or dark capabilities allowing for a perfect combination of skill, strategy and foresight. If crushing friends in the arena isn’t your preferred option, the game also compensates for the competitive lone-wolf with an elite single player dungeon mode that will test and hone the skills of any avid gamer.”


What is dungeon mode?

This is their fast-paced mode for single players where you can choose your hero and play waves of battles. Currently there are 6 with increasing difficulty but it won’t be long before there are even more. This increases game engagement by increasing the complexity and difficulty for players.
You can find out more about Genesis and their already successful completion on Kickstarter here. They are certainly talk of the town with a big discussion on Reddit as well so it won’t be long and we might all be playing

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