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Hololens Currency Exchange: Best Way with Polish App

Little-Known Polish Company Goes Big to Develop Hololens Currency Exchange App

Although HoloLens is early in its development and primarily a US/Canada product for now, that’s not stopping companies around the globe from developing and innovating. Only a day after the 3rd product update of HoloLens, the Polish company called announced its HoloLens currency exchange application. Only a handful of international companies have really entered into the realms of the HoloLens development program. Now joins the ranks.

HoloLens Currency Exchange Cinkciarz Mixed Reality

Their primary focus is to enhance and further develop an app for people to trade and exchange currencies using the HoloLens. Rather than go down a Virtual Reality path, which wouldn’t be very practical for daily or personal usage, the company decided to pursue a more viable course. They are effectively building a mixed reality application that will enable users to see both their real environment while seeing a display of currencies which lays over reality. The holographic integration will provide users a very useful and practical way to interact with their real-world environment while they take care of various banking instructions.

The Hololens Currency Exchange could be just the start of where the company is heading as well. There is also a growing trend in Mixed Reality. Companies are pursuing and investigating ways to keep people both engaged and in reality while providing them with real-time interfaces and interactions at the same time.

Exciting Times for with Hololens Currency Exchange

HoloLens Currency Exchange Cinkciarz Mixed Reality

The currency app will be designed to be projected as a workspace area enabling people to interact for their needs. Users will be able to see current exchange rates and to obtain their needed currencies. The benefit to Microsoft Hololens is that there will also now be an application available for current exchange and transactions. The company’s goal is to be a thought-leader and pioneer in financial services and technology. They have previously experimented with Google Glass and Recon Jet and from this have gained a greater understanding how to develop a useful application.

While the current Hololens Currency Exchange product is still early in its infancy and primarily still part of the Holelens development kit, the opportunity for adoption to expansion is certainly huge as an early adopter and innovator. It is anticipated that this could be just the beginning for traders and bankers who need a wider variety of applications in banking. This would certainly make sense and align to the current Microsoft HoloLens strategy for corporate usage.

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