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Meet Volume: First Ever Hologram Display With Great Features

Volume is the First Ever Hologram Display Made By Looking Glass Factory

If you have ever thought about how you could interact with Holograms this is the first product on the market. Called Volume, it is a Hologram Display that does not require any type of Headset or Visor. The team over at The Looking Glass have designed a high technology volumetric display that enables you to see holographic images which are projected onto a glass cube.  Volume is using a patented “lightfolding” technology which works by projecting light onto a glass cube within the structure. They call the concept Volumetric Display.

Volume is designed with an interface called Hypercube that connects to Unity 3D so that content creators can create content. You can use Volume to play games, or to create your own 3D animations or images. It is possible to take memories and to share them onto the display. The Looking Glass Factory also have designed Volume to work with Leap Motion so that you can use your own hand gestures to control and move things as well.

Volume is designed with a very high level of technology to ensure that it is robust and able to provide high resolution displays of content. It has 2 million 3D pixels and 16.7 million colors. This makes the details that are projected extremely high quality. They have also built it with speakers so for anyone playing games or wanting some interaction, sound is already included as part of Volume. The front screen is also a touch screen to increase interactivity with the hologram.

The really cool thing is that you can also 3D print your 3D sketches. For those who are designers, this might be one of the most practical devices out there. You can create your 3D sketches and view them within the cube. Once you are done, you can then send them to 3D print and see the outputs of your design work.

Currently you can make you pre-order with a price tag of $1199 for the early bird price.

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