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Everysight AR Sunglasses Help Cyclists Achieve Greatness

With EverySight AR Sunglasses, Cyclists See Performance Data

Everysight have recently announced the release of their Raptor Augmented Reality sunglasses for cyclists and triathletes. The Everysight AR Sunglasses are designed to provide a high end display on the lens of the sunglasses which are both non-disruptive and provide a wealth of data. Their aim is to help cyclists boost their performance by providing training and health vitals data as well as to track performance.

The Raptor sunglasses provide a display which is both high resolution and are displayed in sight so that the user does not have to look around or elsewhere. They are designed using a patent technology called BEAM which is a patent for visual transparent display. The information is projected onto the lens so that the user is not distracted by having to focus elsewhere.

Everysight puts critical information in your line of sight with Everysight AR Sunglasses called Raptor Virtual Reality

The displays provide a variety of useful information to help during the training process. First off they provide your vitals such as heart rate so that you are able to monitor yourself. Once the data is captured, you can also store your data such as heart rate, cadence, speed and power to your smartphone and even to other cycling health apps to track your personal progress.

They also provide navigation information such as time and distance to destination in order to help motivate you to achieve or beat your goals. This is highly beneficial so that the user does not have to look down at a watch or other monitors while cycling. Essentially increasing their safety whilst boosting performance becomes the key benefits to Everysight AR Sunglasses. Many other glasses on the market have a variety of issues associated with distractions or obstructions in the view which Everysight have resolved through their unique display and system.

To add to this, the cyclist can also control the Raptor Smartglasses by way of either voice command or directly on the handlebar as well as by way of a touch pad located on the smartglasses. This means they can control a whole variety of functions from volume and brightness to communications, video controls and even the maps. In addition, they also have a have a built in camera so you can record and analyse your ride. For those riders who are also YouTubers or on Vimeo, you can always post and share your videos as well as to other social platforms.

We are really impressed with what we have seen and really think they are worth following further in the market. For more information about Everysight, check them out and join their beta program as a test pilot.

Everysight Raptor Sunglasses, designed for an enhanced cycling experience.

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