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Play with 3D Mickey Mouse from a 2D cartoon book – Disney research labs

In Summary

Disney Research Labs brings us a taste of what is to come in the world of Augmented Reality for kids.

Disney Research Labs –  Augmented Reality for Kids

Imagine turning Mickey Mouse from a colouring book into a 3D image that you could play with! Disney bring us this new technology that will convert 2D images into 3D and its simply amazing.

While the video shows some simple illustrations, children will someday be able to play with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie and many of the other Disney characters using technology such as this.

The potential for a child to take colour and draw with a character like Mickey Mouse or Elsa or Anna from Frozen and convert them into 3D characters that can move around.

The benefits of such technology will enable kids to play with what they have colored and drawn; this kind of experience will enhance learning and stimulate a childs imagination and all of this achieved through a form of augmented reality.

Disney how to draw in Augmented Reality for kids – innovated by Disney Research labs. This was a recent project done to convert 2D into 3D images to build an immersive experience. In this video, the project focussed on children and kids coloring books to convert the images shown on the paper into 3D experiences in a tablet.

Disney Research labs believes that providing this kind of interaction for kids will help to stimulate their minds, their imagination and their ability to work within a more rich immersive environment.

What do you think about the Disney Augmented Reality for Kids? Will it really help children develop? Would you let your children try it out?

Share your comments and thoughts.

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