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BSB Architecture and Design is the future of designing your home in VR (using Oculus Rift)

When you reach a certain age, like me, you probably start thinking about building or designing a home. The problem we usually face is to know if the floor plans will actually work for our needs. On paper the design may look great but in reality changes are often required.

So wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could take a walk in the house to see if the design works before I started it building it? There is nothing worse than designing a room and finding out afterwards that its too small or even too spacious (just kidding, perhaps too spacious isn’t so bad when it comes to a home).

The solution may be here

BSB Architecture And Design is an immersive experience which allows you to explore freely inside and outside your home to complete the design process.

As you walk around the house you can go inside each room and look around. While exploring you will come across a market which allows you to change the features of the item (such as the kitchen cabinet style). This experience allows you to change the colours of the paint, cupboards and carpet. Here is a video, where you can see it all:

The app is made for Oculus Rift by company called Viewport  from Australia for BSB Design  in the United States.

“This interactive architectural experience immerses users in three highly realistic environments, with the ability to freely explore the floor plans in realtime. Users can also change materials on the fly, such as paint colours, flooring and cabinetry finishes – allowing up to 17,492 different design combinations.” According to Viewport.
And it’s free to download: wearvr
I think that there is a light in the tunnel with apps and softwares like BSB Architecture And Design. They will allow us to have the confidence that our designs will fit the bill. This certainly looks like it will make life easier!

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