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Be Badass and Create Your Own 3D Avatar Double in VR

Uraniom, the First Way to Create and Use Your Own 3D Avatar Double

Have you ever wanted to just be awesome in a game, and use your own character that is a model of yourself? It sounds crazy but Uraniom have created a unique platform. They provide you the ability to create your own 3D Avatar which you can insert into games and experiences.

The way Uraniom works is that you start by using your smart phone to scan yourself. Naturally this is best done by having a friend (or foe, for game purposes) scan your face and upper body. The scan doesn’t take too long but just requires that you sit relatively still so that the camera gets a good clear picture of you from all angles. The scan is done in 360 to cover your front, back sides and top of your head to get the most complete picture.

Once the scan is complete you upload your 3D Avatar photo to the Uraniom platform. There you can modify your 3D Avatar by making a variety of adjustments to the head and face including how your head is positioned on your shoulders and even your eye color and clothes. You select the game or experience you are planning to play and make the adjustments to you so that you have the right attire and look that you want for the game.

Uraniom has a variety of games (sports, warfare and adventure games such as SkyRim) and some experiences already plugged into the games. So once you have completed your creation, you can upload your character into an EA Sports Soccer (Football) match and use your own 3D Avatar to play the game. They have a lot of demonstrations and videos up on their YouTube channel as well that you can check out to see how you can be your badass self in a VR game or experience.

As Uraniom puts it, and we couldn’t say it any better ourselves, “Be the hero of your favorite game!” Now that certainly sounds like a lot of fun.

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