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Crazy Dexmo Exoskeleton with Incredible Control in VR

Dexmo Exoskeleton Might Look Ridiculous But Really Enhances VR Experience

Its not everyday you think about putting on something that makes you look like a robot! When it comes to haptics and being able to experience touch in VR, there are only a few products on the market. One that really stands out is the Dexmo Exoskeleton from Dexta Robotics. These gloves act more like an extension of real life by the way the provide you feedback within your hands.

What makes the Dexmo Exoskelton haptic gloves really unique is that they provide you four core functions. First off, they are wireless. With so many VR products requiring wires and cables, this is a really nice feature so that your hands can work freely without constraints. Second, they are light weight. While these monster exoskeletons look pretty robotic and somewhat big, they are actually very light.

Next, they have built in motion capture and motion sensing into the product. What does that mean? Well, if you ever think about being in Virtual Reality, the first thing you realise is that you can’t see your hands. So with motion capture, a set of hands are displayed within VR. As you move and wave your hands around or pick up objects, your hands in VR react exactly as you are moving them in reality.

Finally, and most importantly is that haptic aspect of the Dexmo Exoskeleton gloves. They have a feature called Force Feedback. What this means is that there is pressure being applied to your grip as you pick up a variety of objects. This means that picking up a stone will feel very hard while picking up something soft and squishy will feel that way too. This is probably the biggest single feature that sets the Dexmo apart from other haptic type gloves. The force feedback is using what they call Variable Stiffness. This is where the exoskelton applies very precise motor control to your hand which gives you the ability to distinguish between objects that you hold and touch.

Dexmo Exoskeleton

If you are wondering how practical they are then there are a lot of potential uses too. Naturally for gaming, there is plenty of opportunity to create some realistic experiences which include picking up items of all sorts. There could also be a number of experiences to enable you to feel things or hold things as part of a VR experience. Then on the business side there are a lot of potential areas where Dexmo could work well. For training mechanics and engineers there could certainly be value. Military exercises could also have some potential for handling a variety of things from picking up weapons to disposing of bombs and other materials. For the medical industry this could be a great add-on for providers that are doing work in medical training such as Osso VR, featured in a previous video and article.

The conclusion we reach is that while the feeling of hot and cold may not be the primary goal nor feeling the smallest of sensations of touch to the skin, the practical aspects of picking things up is very compelling. We like the idea of where the Dexmo product is going and look forward to seeing where it goes next.


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