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Awesome! Chernobyl VR Black Friday HTC Vive 30% Off Discount

Experience it now with the Chernobyl VR Black Friday Discount

The team fromThe Farm51 have been working hard continuing to evolve their VR experience. Now they have a special Chernobyl VR Black Friday discount that will only be available for a few days on Steam for HTC Vive customers.

Just think back to what happened back 30 years ago. It was massive devastation. The entire region was evacuated except for the wildlife and plant life that has somehow managed to thrive despite the adverse conditions. That being said, the buildings have all been sitting idle wasting away, and preserving everything exactly how it was left behind.

Chernobyl VR Black Friday

We previously covered the Chernobyl VR experience when we first discovered their experience which you can read here. We also understand from speaking to them this week that they have an exciting roadmap with more features to roll out soon too.

To experience this, you can just download Chernobyl VR for HTC Vive on Steam and can experience a variety of locations for the Chernobyl VR Black Friday Discount of EUR 6.99 (normally EUR 9.99). The experience starts by introducing you some background information in VR about what happened in Chernobyl. Then you are provided a variety of locations you can transport to where you can walk around and see every detail of what the schools, villages, a gym and surroundings look like.

Chernobyl VR Black Friday

They have really captured every detail using a technique called Photogrammetry. You can look at the piano, chalkboards, overturned chairs, and even little objects on the floor like this little stuffed animal that was left behind. Honestly its a pretty amazing experience that really gives you the feeing of being in Chernobyl. Although they are based in Gliwice, Poland, they have decided to participate in Black Friday so that all of you can benefit from this short term 33% discount on Steam.

So if you want something a little different, a little bit educational and a lot of exploration, then this is definitely worth having a look at downloading. It is an incredible immersive experience that really leaves your senses tingling as you wander through this ghost town of a city.


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