Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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Rejoice with Astonishing Train Speed & AR too (Hyperloop)

hyperloop augmented reality

Hyperloop One expands their research into delivering high speed trains, awesome technology, and perhaps even Augmented Reality Displays

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VR Teleporter: Is the future of travel sitting at home with a VR headset?

"Teleporter" IamVR Virtual Reality

This VR Teleporter along a Virtual Reality headset will transport you to places of your dreams. But will this really be the future of travel?

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Virtual reality and Netflix: The future of VR in-flight entertainment is coming

Virtual reality Netflix iamvr

Netflix is working on VR in-flight entertainment for the future travel. Soon enough everyone will be flying with VR headsets on.

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Take a swim with the Dolphins in VR and help to save them- Dolphin Project

Dolphin Project

The Dolphin Project has set out to raise our awareness about Dolphins in captivity using Virtual Reality.

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Jaunt VR Presents Home Turf 360 Degree Video Series

Jaunt VR Presents Home Turf 360

Watch famous athletes in amazing places around the world as they tour various places in Virtual Reality. This is being brought to us by Jaunt VR and called Home Turf 360.

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Immersive VR Documentary on Ukrainian Chernobyl Fully Funded on Kickstarter

VR Documentary on Ukrainian Chernobyl

VR Documentary on Ukrainian Chernobyl is going ahead after they raised $39k on Kickstarter. The documentary on their Chernobyl360 idea came up to mark the 30th anniversary of the tragedy in Ukraine. This documentary will be available for platforms such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, and HTC VIVE.

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Take a Virtual Reality Tour of West Papua’s Coral Reefs

Virtual Reality Tour West Papua’s Coral Reefs

A Virtual Reality Tour of West Papua's Coral Reef not only looks fantastic but it serves a purpose. It was created to showcase how we can rebuild coral reef which was destroyed by overfishing. It took commitment from the Papuans and conservation authorities to enable the Coral Reefs to be reborn.

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The Five Big Scenes of EVEREST VR


Everest VR is a very realistic adventure simulator by Sólfar Studios. With the beautiful scenery surrounding you, it is easy to slip and fall..luckily you cannot die in the Everest VR. There are five key scenes: Base Camp, Khumball Icefall, Camp Four, Ascent, Summit all are breathtaking. And if that is not enough, there is always a God mode where you can look around from every angle over the mountain top. Coming soon!

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Visit real places in VR you are not allowed to visit – Realities.io


Realities.io uses photogrammetry to record real environments down to the smallest detail and enable us to visit these places in virtual reality; whether not allowed or places we are allowed to visit, the possibilities of what we can visit and experience are endless.

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VR Film Studio Felix & Paul Release ‘Nomads’ 360 Documentary Series

‘Nomads’ 360 Documentary Series

Felix and Paul Studios, creators of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning Inside the Box of Kurios and Inside Impact: East Africa, today launched Nomads—a new 360 video app that takes you inside the lives of the some of the world’s far-flung nomadic tribes.

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Linden Lab’s Project Sansar and the Future of Virtual Reality

Project Sansar

Second Life just got a new Virtual Life with Project Sansar, Linden Lab successor preject. The aim is to go beyond the original Second Life to create a more optimized and realistic environment for creators and explorers to enjoy.

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Soon you can turn your hotel room into a Virtual Reality sex den

Virtual Reality sex den

We all know the meaning of the "hotel sex", let's face it most of us done it and loved it. Virtual Reality takes us to another world, where you can pick your partner on demand in your hotel room and have a Virtual Reality sex den. Sounds futuristic? Not anymore, thanks to tech company AuraVision.

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Explore the world’s first VR city, Hypatia

Explore the world's first VR city Hypatia

Very soon we won't have to leave the warmth of our home to visit cities, here is the first VR city - Hypatia

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Virtual reality at the airport – a B2B story

Virtual reality at the airport

Virtual reality at the airport is coming! Virtual reality specialist Visualise has developed a series of 360 degree virtual reality clips at Heathrow Airport to see how advertising affects travellers.

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Experience Virtual Reality surfing in Tahiti with GoPro

Virtual Reality surfing

Watch this without Virtual Reality Goggles. Simply incredible!

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