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Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission Game Trailer

Star Wars battlefront x-wing VR EA Games Dice Studio IamVR

Experience Star Wars in VR, be fully immersed and use the force to battle the dark side. The latest Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR game has been developed by Dice Studio and Criterion to bring us the most incredible experience flying an X-Wing in space. With extraordinary details both inside and out, fans will be fully immersed in VR as they battle the Dark Side.

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Star Wars Magic Leap Mixed Reality Experience Trailer

Star Wars Magic Leap Lucasfilm Mixed Reality

Star Wars Mixed Reality experience could be part of our lives soon. This video trailer demonstrates how powerful Mixed Reality will be. ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm and Magic Leap teamed up to experiment and to provide some very powerful and exciting content. The Star Wars experience they have shared with us allows us to both see some of what ILMxLAB, Magic Leap and Lucasfilm's teams have created.

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Star Wars week – Jedi training apply here

STARWARS future is here

The future of Star Wars and its developments in Virtual Reality continue to provide new opportunities. Lucasfilm is hiring.

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EA games and Lucasfilm – Star Wars VR Game Trailer

STARWARS EAgames Lucasfilm VR trailer

Star Wars VR games are coming soon thanks to a major collaboration of games and studios.

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Star Wars week – a light sabre, a boy and mido-chlorians

STARWARS lightsaber

My son found an ancient relic light sabre hidden deep within caves in Montreal. Has he got a high amount of mido-chlorians? May the force be with Planetariums too!

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Star Wars week – Montreal enters Trade Negotiations with the Empire?


Star Wars week - Montreal enters Trade Negotiations with the Empire

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Star Wars week – Hologrid time!

STARWARS lets play

In case you missed it, Star Wars Hologrid Monster Battle is coming.

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VR is Coming to Star Wars with Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine

The desert planet of Tatooine is about to become a Virtual Reality experience. Its called Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine experience. It has been created by ILMxLAB, otherwise known as Industrial Light and Magic famous for their work on Star Wars special effects. And starting next month ILMxLAB will be hosting an official Star Wars celebration in London July 15-17, 2016. Read full article to see the trailer.

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Choose a side. Jedi or dark side? Star Wars in VR!


Which side would you play on? The Dark Side or The Lord of Light (just kidding we know that is a Game of Thrones reference).

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Star Wars week Hologrid Monster Battle in Augmented Reality

hologrid monster battle star wars augmented reality

Remember that chess game in Star Wars? Hologrid Monster Battle is an exciting new Augmented Reality game being developed by Tippet Studios and Happy Giant to give us that unique experience to play the game.

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Magic Leap teams with Lucasfilm for ‘Star Wars’ AR experiences


Exciting news in the world of Augmented Reality as we learned that Magic Leap and Lucasfilm's Industry Light and Magic group (ILMxLAB) team up to create an immersive and very real feeling experience in Star Wars. Their collaboration demo shows a holographic C3PO and R2D2. And this is followed by R2D2 projecting his own holographic projection. The collaboration is just the beginning of where we might see Star Wars evolve.

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Star Wars week – Monday Blues

Star Wars - Luke I am your father, Darth Vader drops a bombshell - augmented reality star wars

Don't let Monday Blues get you down. Lets face it, look at how bad a day it was for Luke by comparison!

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Star Wars week – Hologrid

hey bb-8 you can win this one...no wookies around! star wars augmented reality

Star wars week - hologrid monster battle preview for the video

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