Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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Eurosport Launches Exciting Drone Races TV Series (with DR1)

drone races

Drone Races are becoming more popular amongst wider audience. Eurosport has announced a TV venture with DR1 to show Drone Racing.

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Wow, World Chess Championship 1st Time Featured Live in VR

World Chess Championship IamVR Virtual Reality

We have seen a variety of sports starting to engage with VR and now World Chess Championship will be Featured Live in Virtual Reality.

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Will BT Sports Win With This New Immersive Software PIERO?

Piero IamVR Man utd

Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson has signed BT Sport as its first client for PIERO Augmented Reality Software system.

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VR Training Turns Olympic Triathlon Course Into Motor Memory

VR training IamVR Virtual Reality

Gwen Jorgensen’s secret training tool is VR training. Through muscle memory training, your body will respond to the environment from previous training.

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BBC to use 360 Video for Immersive 2016 Rio Olympics Experience

rio olympics 2016 virtual reality 360

BBC will bring us the 2016 Rio Olympics in Virtual Reality. They are planning a fully immersive experience to enjoy the games.

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Holodia Holofit makes indoor sport an immersive and fun experience

Holofit Hologrid Virtual Reality

Holofit reinvents sport and fitness with Virtual Reality. I never imagine that a company like Holodia would come along to bring us Holofit for an immersive indoor Virtual Reality sporting experience.

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NBC to Broadcast 85 Hours of 2016 Rio Olympics In Virtual Reality

rio olympics 2016 virtual reality 360

NBC will broadcast the 2016 Rio Olympics in Virtual Reality. Currently they have only announced supporting the Samsung Gear VR Goggles

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Live racing in Virtual Reality with Castrol Edge

Live racing virtual reality castrol edge

Castrol Edge brings an amazing experience of driving a car with a Virtual Reality helmet on. The driver is unable to see the real road but is presented with a virtual road to drive on for the experience.

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Work Up a Sweat with Holofit VR Fitness


French company Holodia launches fitness project for Virtual Reality called Holofit. The concept is to enable people to workout in stationary environment like rowing machines or bicycles and to experience moving through a virtual world while exercising.

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Oculus Rift: How will virtual reality change watching and playing sport?


Watching England from a seat at Wembley without leaving your sofa? Scoring a winning penalty? Virtual reality is a reality.

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Purdue Is Using Virtual Reality To Make Their Football Program Safer And Smarter


Purdue Is Using Virtual Reality To Make Their Football Program Safer And Smarter and ultimately trying to keep their athletes safer.

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Using Virtual Reality To Diagnose Concussions

Virtual Reality To Diagnose Concussions

“There is no accepted diagnostic criteria for concussion. It’s an intuitive physician diagnosis and when you get right down to it,” says Ghajar, “we don’t really know what concussion is.” To tackle the diagnostic challenges he invented EYE-SYNC, a device that uses virtual reality to assesses abnormal eye movement, which is a common occurrence after a concussion. Read below how we can use Virtual Reality to Diagnose Concussions.

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WATCH: David Beckham meets Sky Sports’ Kirsty Gallacher for special Virtual Reality interview


Ever wanted to interview David Beckham? Step into Sky's Virtual Reality studio and go face-to-face with the England legend...

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5 Sports VR is going to revolutionise

5 Sports VR virtual reality

Experiencing sports until now has been just a spectator related activity. With Virtual Reality, the spectator experience moves from courtside or in the stadium to on the court or the pitch/field.

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Is VR the next big thing for sports?


Is virtual reality the next big thing in the sports media landscape? It's been tested everywhere from the Daytona 500 to Warriors' games, but is the real world ready for a virtual one?

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