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SpaceVR to Launch Exciting 360 VR Space Experience (2017)

SpaceVR Virtual Reality IamVR

SpaceVR originally funded on Kickstarter has finally got a launch agreement in place that will their Overview 1 satellite with VR 4K cameras into space.

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Lockheed Martin – An Inspiring Virtual Bus Trip to Mars

Lockheed Martin Virtual Reality Bus Field Trip Kids

Lockheed Martin asked Framestore to design the first ever system that can provide a virtual real time experience and account for real environment factors

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The Glorious Days of Virtual Reality and Mobile are Coming

Business cloud1

A virtual reality expert says the technology “will have gone mobile by the end of the year” VR is a buzzword in tech, with the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and HTC Vive making headlines and the industry set to be worth $150 billion by 2020. And this is just from an …

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Ultimate and Possibly Best VR Simulator Experience (Cable Robot)

cable robot virtual reality iamvr

Discover what its like at 1.5 G-Force to be in a Virtual Reality Simulator. Designed by Max Planck Institut in Germany, the Cable Robot looks amazing.

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Intel Outside: Finding Growth Outside Its Comfort Zone, From VR to Cars

Intel Virtual Reality IamVR

Intel is known for the chip inside the PC, recently the company is looking to expand into the unknown territory like Virtual Reality and Cars.

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Walking in Virtual Reality Redirected Walking Unlimited Corridor Trailer

redirected walking

A team in Japan have discovered how to walk long distances in Virtual Reality by creating an unlimited corridor. The technique is called Redirected Walking

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Baidu’s DuSee platform intelligent AR to search app used by hundreds of millions

DuSee platform IamVR AI AR VR

Chinese company Baidu has created a mobile phone DuSee platform for smart phone users, that will make their phones interact with the real world.

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Wearable device breakthrough: Skin-like, thin-film transistors for flexible displays

Skin-like IamVR Virtual Reality

Kaist out of Korea has developed the first skin-like transparent augmented reality sensor that could be the beginning of a new era

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Enflux – The World’s First Motion Capture Clothing

Enflux IamVR Virtual Reality

Enflux is a full body suit that can be used to track your body movements. It is being found really useful in sports and fitness training.

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Sony announces PlayStation VR space requirements—is your room big enough?


Sony announces the room size requirements for Playstation VR and the space required is a bit more than expected for the average person

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Nvidia’s Eye Tracking Tech Could Revolutionize Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Nvidia’s Eye Tracking Tech

Nvidia's new eye tracking technology is going to change the way Virtual Reality works

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The FCC Chairman is Concerned About VR Privacy And Your ‘Virtual Footprint’

VR Privacy

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, recently visited Stanford University's Virtual Reality labs. The topic: VR privacy and its footprint on the internet. It seems there is a lot to think about. Surprisingly, while VR devices are tracking our head movements they are also gathering quite significant amount of personal data. This could be a cause to concern for VR users.

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5G Wireless May Be the Key to Bringing Augmented Reality Out of the Home


While the Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies are beginning to be readily available, the real limitation in using them is connectivity speeds. 5G speeds in mobile may be a solution to enabling both faster interactions as well as to use the devices on the go.

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Apple Patents Augmented Reality Device

Apple Patents Augmented Reality Device

Apple has not joined the VR world until now. The rumours are that Apple Patents Augmented Reality Device. The company in fact is working on Augmented Reality displays, which is a great news for all Apple fans. More below.

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Shoppers Think VR Will Change How They Shop

Shoppers Think VR

Shoppers are changing their attitude yet again. The online shopping trend might be passe, as VR is making its way to retail. It has already started and we will see more retail sectors and brands embracing it. OnePlus company behind OnePlus3 smartphone already took the VR option. The strategy to move the launch of their smartphone through VR experience is completely new but very engaging. You will need a VR headset to purchase the phone. More people nowdays want to shop quickly and accurately, which VR will be able to cater to.

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