Monday , 17 December 2018
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Retail Enters Big in AR Space – Freezy’s Christmas Adventure

Freezy’s Christmas Adventure

Christmas shopping is not always easy, specially with children. Luckily there is Freezy’s Christmas Adventure App that will keep kids busy.

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BMW’s Innovative Concept Motorcycle (AR and Free Standing)

BMW Concept Motorcycle IamVR AR

BMW's latest motorcyle concept looks very exciting. It is both free standing and is an innovative concept motorcycle coming with an AR headset

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Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) Is Frustrated With Virtual Reality

Tim Cook VR IamVR

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple believes that Augmented Reality is the future and that more focus should be on technologies in AR than Virtual Reality.

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The Powerful VR Women Mafia are Looking for New Recruits

Women virtual reality iamvr

Virtual Reality is still in it's infancy, more and more women are entering this market with big dreams, experiences and an opportunity to shape our world.

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Virtual Reality wedding. Couple preserves memories in VR

Virtual Reality wedding IamVR

A couple took Virtual Reality and 360 video to the next level to record their memories by making a Virtual Reality wedding recording on their big day

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World’s First VR Porn Festival Canceled After Too Many People Show Up

VR Porn Festival Canceled IamVR

The Adult VR Festa was unexpectedly called off at the last minute due to a problem event organizers definitely should have seen coming from a mile away: overcrowding

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