Monday , 17 December 2018
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Microsoft HoloLens Brings New Realities to Our World

Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality

Microsoft Hololens is helping us to realise the possibilities of using holograms in our daily lives, both in business and for consumers.

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Drone Park – Get Passionate at Work Playing with Drones!

drone park IamVR Virtual Reality

South Korea to open drone park, where they created drone air 'roads'. Is the the beginning of a new world of drones for the public and corporations?

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Google Searches: The Search is On, and HTC Takes Search Lead

oculus vs htcvive google searches virtual reality iamvr

For the first time, HTC Vive surpasses Oculus Rift on searches run in Google searches. Is this a sign of change in Virtual Reality Headsets?

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Subpac M2 literally rocks your VR world (and body!)

Subpac IamVR Virtual Reality

With the Subpac M2, you can now feel the sound in your body for a fully immersive virtual reality experience beyond sight and sound.

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Samsung launches new Gear VR and Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Gear VR new

Samsung has just announced their plans to release the next upgrade version of the new Gear VR headset and Galaxy Note 7 smartphone

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Product Review: Mona VR First Fabric “Cardboard” Goggles for Apple 6

MonaVR Mask Goggles Virtual Reality

MonaVR have made the Mask goggles, made of cotton and really practical for travel and for an Iphone 6

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Tactical Haptics shows us future of VR controller in Oculus

Tactical Haptics Reactive Grip motion controller IamVR Virtual Reality

Tactical Haptics has developed a VR controller with vibration integrated with Oculus Rift for a more realistic experience

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Xiaomi VR Daydream headset launch teaser expected this week

Xiaomi VR Daydream headset

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has hinted at launching into the VR market with their own headsets which fully integrate with their MIUI OS.

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Fove VR tracks your eyes and head in their Virtual Reality Headset

Fove VR Virtual Reality Headset iamvr

Native eye-tracking might be the next big thing in VR. They are the world's first VR headset that provides eye tracking to react and control experiences within a game or app simply through the use of your eyes.

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Pimax Launches Innovative High Definition 4K PC VR Goggles

PimaxVR virtual reality headset goggles

Pimax launches a 4K headset to compete with the major players and with a higher quality goggle. They have raised significant funding in China and have big plans to bring their product to the market.

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GoPro 360 camera rig called Omni


The latest GoPro 36o camera rig called the Omni is expected to be coming out later this year. And while not cheap, it fits into a pro-sumer price range making it somewhat affordable.

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Product Review: Shade VR Cardboard Goggles

JustVR-featured image

We recently got our hands on a couple of Shade VR Cardboard Goggles. The company who makes them, Just VR is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Prescription lenses for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift by VR Lens Lab

VR Lens Lab

Glasses wearers gather around as VR Lens Lab is producing lenses to fit into HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets for both subscription and goggle lens protection.

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WOW! GloveOne Haptic Feedback Gloves For Virtual Reality are Impressive

GloveOne Haptic

Startup NeuroDigital Technologies introduces GloveOne Haptic at E3. They run their campaign on Kickstarter and managed to raise $151,000. Finally we can expect the VR glove to give us even more immersive experience in Virtual Reality. The price tag is a bit hefty but the experience might just be worth it.

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Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive – Which Is The Better VR Controller?

Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive

If you are wondering which VR headset to buy, add the controllers to the equation. Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive, which one will come on top? Check it out.

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