Monday , 17 December 2018
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Amazon UK Pre-Orders Delivery Delays Now (PlayStation VR)

delivery delays playstation vr amazon uk

Amazon UK says delivery delays until December due to larger orders than anticipated. There is a limited stock for Playstation VR.

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Wow: Snapchat Users New Era Begins Now (With Camera Glasses)

Snapchat IamVR

Snapchat has launched Spectacles camera glasses which will allow its users to connect directly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to their device

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Thalmic Labs Just Received Spectacular Investment ($120M)

Thalmic Labs

Thalmic Labs are working on a new technology that allows them to detect individual finger-based gestures with a hand band, and now they received a 120M investment.

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Great News As Release Date For PSVR Is Only 3 Weeks Away

PSVR IamVR Virtual Reality

Sony PSVR is set for great expectations, as the market for Virtual Reality is set to boom. But will PlayStation VR make VR mainstream?

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New PlayStation VR – 10 Important Facts Before You Buy

PlayStation VR IamVR

The new PlayStation VR is coming out on October 13th and the price is $399, plus you will get the demo disk with all the best games to try out.

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Fly at ease? Intense Flying VR Simulation Workout (ICAROS)

ICAROS VR sports simulation virtual reality

With an ICAROS, you can have an intense workout, fly around in various simulations, have fun, and give all your muscles a good challenge.

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VR Headsets Cables Lost By 2018 (Ex HTC CEO Prediction)

VR Headsets IamVR

Ex HTC CEO Peter Chou believes that by 2018 wireles VR Headsets which will be dominating the market as we lose the cable and become wireless

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Now for iOS, No More Waiting for Google Cardboard Camera

Google Cardboard

The new Google Cardboard Camera is now available for iOS users. You can take panoramic 360 degree photos and are in 3D so you can save those memories

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1st Ever Fantastic Full Body Sensation Suit! [Skinterface ]

Skinterface Iam VR Virtual Reality

A group of designers from London’s Royal College of Art has created Skinterface, a first full body sensation Suit. All movement is controlled by sound waves.

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Leap Motion’s Magical and Blissful Universe (Weightless)

leap motion magical weightless oculus rift

With the launch of Leap Motion's latest magical zero-gravity experience, what is clear is the next step to integrate haptics with hand control.

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The First VR Friendly iPhone 7 is Here With Improved Display

iphone 7

Apple's latest iPhone 7 sports a couple of really cool features including a higher resolution display which is better for enjoying VR with goggles

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Be Fearless in VR- Run, Crouch and Jump Virtuix Omni Trailer

Virtuix Omni

With Virtuix Omni, you can run, jump, walk and crouch. Their technology is designed to give you freedom to move while being in a stationary support ring.

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Would it be Shocking if Apple Did Not Jump into VR?

Apple IamVR Virtual Reality

Even without any specific rumours, there is more than enough evidence to suspect that Apple is secretly working on something in Virtual or Augmented Reality

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StarVR Goggles are Heading to Imax with Insane 5K & 210 FOV

StarVR IAmVR Virtual Reality

Acer and StarBreeze announced that they are in the process of shipping the StarVR goggles to IMAX VR for an incredible immersive experience.

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HypeVR Crazy Camera Rig Captures Volumetric VR Video (14 Cameras)

HypeVR IamVR Virtual Reality

HypeVR demonstrates how video can be shot to capture ‘volumetric’ VR video that allows users to move around in a limited space within the video

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