Monday , 17 December 2018
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Look At Those Great Looking New Vive Controllers in Dev


New HTC Vive Controllers have been teased at Steam Dev Days and they look cool. They are new controllers for waving around and really being in VR.

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Meet Volume: First Ever Hologram Display With Great Features

hologram display looking glass factory volume

Volume is the First Ever Hologram Display Made By Looking Glass Factory. You can use it to play games, create animations and print 3D sketches.

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Would You Be Surprised if Nintendo Tried VR a 2nd Time?

Nintendo NX IamVR Virtual Reality

Nintendo has tried Virtual Reality once before many years ago. Now rumours and speculation about Nintendo have started again. Will they jump back in?

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BMW’s Innovative Concept Motorcycle (AR and Free Standing)

BMW Concept Motorcycle IamVR AR

BMW's latest motorcyle concept looks very exciting. It is both free standing and is an innovative concept motorcycle coming with an AR headset

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Galaxy Note 7 Bad For Customer Safety According To Oculus

Galaxy Note 7 Gear VR IamVR Virtual Reality

Oculus disables app for GearVR for the Galaxy Note 7 due to customer safety issues, in recent weeks the phones were self-exploding

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VR is Better When You Can Achieve Touch (Manus VR)

Manus VR Haptic Touch Virtual Reality

Manus VR haptic gloves enable you to touch and feel in Virtual Reality. Their gloves are stylish, have a variety of sensors and are machine washable!

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New PSVR in Trouble? Tracking Problems From Sunlight

Tracking Problems IamVR Virtual Reality PSVR

New PlayStation VR just came out and already has been subjected to claims that there are motion tracking problems when the camera is in sunlight.

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OC3 – Facebook (FB) Eager to Take VR Technology Mainstream

VR Technology Mainstream Rift IamVR Virtual Reality Facebook Oculus

Oculus Connect 3 has been very eventful, Mark Zuckerberg FB's CEO announced wireless Rift, Oculus Avatars, Investment in VR content creation and more.

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Best News from Oculus Connect 3: Oculus Is Going Wireless

wireless Oculus

Past week Oculus Connect 3 took place in San Jose, CA, where new ideas and future plans for Oculus were announced. One of the best ones was Wireless Oculus.

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First Look: (Fantastic) Google Pixel and Daydream View VR

Pixel Daydream IamVR

Google has just released the phone and VR headset we all have been waiting for, Pixel and Pixel XL and Daydream View VR Headset.

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Best Gamepad VR Controller: Control the Thrill of VR Games


To experience games in Virtual Reality we need more than a good graphics processor and VR headset, good gamepad is a must have to play.

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Playing Games on Gear VR: now with Xbox controller support


Microsoft is working to bring support to Gear VR with its Xbox wireless controller. First announced title to support this will be Minecraft on Gear VR.

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Great News For Google Lovers: Daydream SDK Leaves Beta Now


The days of Gear VR ruling the market for VR goggles for smartphones are about to change, Google Daydream SDK is officially leaving BETA.

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Great News For Business Now NVIDIA & HTC Will Bring You VR


Putting VR to work in your business is about to get easier. Next month, new Pascal-based NVIDIA HTC’s Vive Business Edition will become generally available.

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Magic Leap Just a Crazy Day in the Office (Mixed Reality)

magic leap crazy day virtual reality mixed reality augmented reality

Magic Leap is developing Mixed Reality technology so you can have a crazy day. They are using Lightfield technology to create a very realistic experience.

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