Monday , 17 December 2018
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Boeing using Microsoft HoloLens to tackle wild fires

Boeing using Microsoft HoloLens IamVR AG VR

Boeing is known for their technology innovation and designing airplanes. Boeing using Microsoft HoloLens demonstrates how to fight fires.

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Microsoft HoloLens Brings New Realities to Our World

Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality

Microsoft Hololens is helping us to realise the possibilities of using holograms in our daily lives, both in business and for consumers.

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Google Searches: The Search is On, and HTC Takes Search Lead

oculus vs htcvive google searches virtual reality iamvr

For the first time, HTC Vive surpasses Oculus Rift on searches run in Google searches. Is this a sign of change in Virtual Reality Headsets?

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Product Review: Mona VR First Fabric “Cardboard” Goggles for Apple 6

MonaVR Mask Goggles Virtual Reality

MonaVR have made the Mask goggles, made of cotton and really practical for travel and for an Iphone 6

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Xiaomi VR Daydream headset launch teaser expected this week

Xiaomi VR Daydream headset

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has hinted at launching into the VR market with their own headsets which fully integrate with their MIUI OS.

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Fove VR tracks your eyes and head in their Virtual Reality Headset

Fove VR Virtual Reality Headset iamvr

Native eye-tracking might be the next big thing in VR. They are the world's first VR headset that provides eye tracking to react and control experiences within a game or app simply through the use of your eyes.

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Pimax Launches Innovative High Definition 4K PC VR Goggles

PimaxVR virtual reality headset goggles

Pimax launches a 4K headset to compete with the major players and with a higher quality goggle. They have raised significant funding in China and have big plans to bring their product to the market.

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Product Review: Shade VR Cardboard Goggles

JustVR-featured image

We recently got our hands on a couple of Shade VR Cardboard Goggles. The company who makes them, Just VR is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Vodafone Launches Its Own Vodafone VR Headset

Vodafone VR Headset

Vodafone is set to launch the Smart Platinum 7 that will have its own dedicated Vodafone VR Headset. The package is set to be more affordable than the competitor' Samsung and Samsung Gear VR.

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The Swarovski Crystal Oculus Rift


One woman who knew what women like, created this fabulous piece for all of us to enjoy!

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OnePlus Loop VR headset sold out in less than 1 minute

OnePlus Loop VR headset

OnePlus Loop VR headset went up for a flash sale today at 12.00. It has been sold out in less than one minute, leaving some lucky 30 thousands people awaiting their delivery. The price was 1 Rupee plus shipping! This sale was available only on Amazon India on Android app. There will another sale soon, more details below plus link to register for waiting list.

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The Oculus Rift Is Finally Overcoming Its Shipping Issues

VR Privacy

Oculus Rift is one of the most sought after VR headsets at the moment. Unfortunately the company had some delivery problems even to those who pre-ordered them ages ago. Luckily Oculus has started shipping daily now.

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Samsung Expands Free Gear VR Promotion To Galaxy S6 Phones

Gear VR Promotion

Samsung has expanded its Free Gear VR Promotion to include older phones from S6 series. This means that you can get a free VR headset with your phone purchase, on contract or pay as you go. This promotion ends on June 19 2016, so if you want a free headset, off you go to the nearest Samsung stockist and get it now. You still can snatch this offer in time for Fathers Day!

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Samsung Announces New Gear VR Bundle Promo in Europe

samsung gearvr virtual reality

If you live in Europe this is great news for you! Samsung will be selling a new GearVR bundle promo in Europe, as early as June. If you haven't ordered it yet, get in line and don't miss out!

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Want to be in two places at the same time? Meet EYSE


EYSE: The first Virtual Reality Goggles and 360 Camera set. Their new product provides a real-time connection from a camera to your goggles so that you can experience being attached to a drone, being in water, or just being at a party in another location. EYSE is the companion that lets you expand your existence through eyes and senses of another location in LIVE 3D presence, sound & motion. Join the campaign on Kickstarter now!

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