Monday , 17 December 2018
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Great News For Google Lovers: Daydream SDK Leaves Beta Now


The days of Gear VR ruling the market for VR goggles for smartphones are about to change, Google Daydream SDK is officially leaving BETA.

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Great News For Business Now NVIDIA & HTC Will Bring You VR


Putting VR to work in your business is about to get easier. Next month, new Pascal-based NVIDIA HTC’s Vive Business Edition will become generally available.

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Magic Leap Just a Crazy Day in the Office (Mixed Reality)

magic leap crazy day virtual reality mixed reality augmented reality

Magic Leap is developing Mixed Reality technology so you can have a crazy day. They are using Lightfield technology to create a very realistic experience.

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Amazon UK Pre-Orders Delivery Delays Now (PlayStation VR)

delivery delays playstation vr amazon uk

Amazon UK says delivery delays until December due to larger orders than anticipated. There is a limited stock for Playstation VR.

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Wow: Snapchat Users New Era Begins Now (With Camera Glasses)

Snapchat IamVR

Snapchat has launched Spectacles camera glasses which will allow its users to connect directly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to their device

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Great News As Release Date For PSVR Is Only 3 Weeks Away

PSVR IamVR Virtual Reality

Sony PSVR is set for great expectations, as the market for Virtual Reality is set to boom. But will PlayStation VR make VR mainstream?

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New PlayStation VR – 10 Important Facts Before You Buy

PlayStation VR IamVR

The new PlayStation VR is coming out on October 13th and the price is $399, plus you will get the demo disk with all the best games to try out.

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VR Headsets Cables Lost By 2018 (Ex HTC CEO Prediction)

VR Headsets IamVR

Ex HTC CEO Peter Chou believes that by 2018 wireles VR Headsets which will be dominating the market as we lose the cable and become wireless

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StarVR Goggles are Heading to Imax with Insane 5K & 210 FOV

StarVR IAmVR Virtual Reality

Acer and StarBreeze announced that they are in the process of shipping the StarVR goggles to IMAX VR for an incredible immersive experience.

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HoloLens vs Oculus: Which One Does a Better Job For VR & AR?


HoloLens vs Oculus: Currently on the VR and AR front there are many Headsets. Meanwhile how do we choose the best product for us in the AR/VR battle?

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11 Bizarre and Funny Ways To Try VR (Without Being There)

swarovski oculus rift headset goggle virtual reality bling

These are some of the 11 Bizarre and funny in Virtual and Augmented Reality that we have seen so far. This might just be the beginning!

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Innovative Intel’s 6 Degree VR Headset (Project Alloy)

Project Alloy IamVR Virtual Reality

Technology giant Intel has announced its very own VR all in one headset called Project Alloy. It seems that Intel is entering the VR market.

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V One – World’s thinnest, lightest VR headset looks like a pair of sunglasses

V One IamVR Virtual Reality

V One has been released by China's Dlodlo and it is so far the thinnest VR headset to date with a 105-degree field of view

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HTC China President Warns PlayStation VR headset Price Is Misleading

PlayStation VR headset

HTC China president has concerns about misleading cost of PlayStation VR headset, as the cost of all the components is much higher than $399.

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Intel Depth Sensing Camera Could be the Next Big VR Step

Intel's Camera in HTC Vive IamVR AR Virtual Reality

HTC Vive has started working with an Intel depth sensing camera. This could solve many issues for Virtual Reality for a more realistic experience.

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