Wednesday , 16 January 2019
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PSVR Headset is Superb – 7 Reasons to Buy on Black Friday

psvr headset

The PSVR Headset is really quite impressive. We have put together our 7 key findings which cover everything we learned that is worth knowing.

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RideOn Revolutionizes Sports – Amazing Mixed Reality Goggles

RideOn Mixed Reality Goggles

RideOn is the first maker of Mixed Reality google for outdoor and extreme sports. The goggles are designed to work in bright light conditions.

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HTC WIFI For $220 but $1000 for VR Just Seems Greedy

HTC WIFI add-on

HTC Adds Wifi to their virtual reality headset to enable people a lot more freedom, but it comes at a pretty high price to get started in VR.

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Play VR in 900,000 SQ Feet with Innovative Modal VR

modal vr

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell has jumped into Virtual Reality by launching Modal VR, a software and hardware company aimed at solving business problems

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Microsoft VR is Completely Missing the Mark Without Xbox

Microsoft VR

Although Microsoft has built their Hololens and has now suggested a possible Microsoft VR headset for a PC, are they missing an xbox opportunity?

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Magic Leap Visor Patent Suggests Exciting New Tech Soon!

magic leap visor

The latest patent filed for a Magic Leap visor addresses an adjustable projection or display for each individual eye directly to each pupil.

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7 Big and Cool Announcements from Microsoft October Event

microsoft vr

Microsoft held their conference in October to announce some of their new products and direction and this even included a VR headset concept

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PlayStation VR Headset is Superb – 7 Cool Things We Learned

Playstation VR Headset

The Playstation VR Headset is really quite impressive. We have put together our 7 key findings which cover everything we learned that is worth knowing.

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Meet Volume: First Ever Hologram Display With Great Features

hologram display looking glass factory volume

Volume is the First Ever Hologram Display Made By Looking Glass Factory. You can use it to play games, create animations and print 3D sketches.

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BMW’s Innovative Concept Motorcycle (AR and Free Standing)

BMW Concept Motorcycle IamVR AR

BMW's latest motorcyle concept looks very exciting. It is both free standing and is an innovative concept motorcycle coming with an AR headset

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Galaxy Note 7 Bad For Customer Safety According To Oculus

Galaxy Note 7 Gear VR IamVR Virtual Reality

Oculus disables app for GearVR for the Galaxy Note 7 due to customer safety issues, in recent weeks the phones were self-exploding

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New PSVR in Trouble? Tracking Problems From Sunlight

Tracking Problems IamVR Virtual Reality PSVR

New PlayStation VR just came out and already has been subjected to claims that there are motion tracking problems when the camera is in sunlight.

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OC3 – Facebook (FB) Eager to Take VR Technology Mainstream

VR Technology Mainstream Rift IamVR Virtual Reality Facebook Oculus

Oculus Connect 3 has been very eventful, Mark Zuckerberg FB's CEO announced wireless Rift, Oculus Avatars, Investment in VR content creation and more.

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Best News from Oculus Connect 3: Oculus Is Going Wireless

wireless Oculus

Past week Oculus Connect 3 took place in San Jose, CA, where new ideas and future plans for Oculus were announced. One of the best ones was Wireless Oculus.

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First Look: (Fantastic) Google Pixel and Daydream View VR

Pixel Daydream IamVR

Google has just released the phone and VR headset we all have been waiting for, Pixel and Pixel XL and Daydream View VR Headset.

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