Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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Crazy Dexmo Exoskeleton with Incredible Control in VR

dexmo exoskeleton

Dexta Robotics are the producers of Dexmo Exoskeleton a haptic glove for Virtual Reality with wireless, Force Feedback, and motion control technology.

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Skinterface Overcome the VR Boundries With Breakthrough Tech


Skinterface have developed a skin material developed to fill a gap in VR. Their suit enables you to feel and experience a variety of sensations in VR.

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VR is Better When You Can Achieve Touch (Manus VR)

Manus VR Haptic Touch Virtual Reality

Manus VR haptic gloves enable you to touch and feel in Virtual Reality. Their gloves are stylish, have a variety of sensors and are machine washable!

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1st Ever Fantastic Full Body Sensation Suit! [Skinterface ]

Skinterface Iam VR Virtual Reality

A group of designers from London’s Royal College of Art has created Skinterface, a first full body sensation Suit. All movement is controlled by sound waves.

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Is the Dexmo Glove Concept Too Crazy to Consider Trying?


Dexmo has invented an exoskeleton haptic glove. They are designed to provide realistic touch in VR by both pushing and pulling your fingers.

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Leap Motion’s New Interaction Engine but is Touch Missing?

leap motion 1

Leap Motion has enhanced their controller Virtual Reality controls with their new Interaction Engine. Is this enough or do we need to touch as well?

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This is a working prototype of Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun

Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun IAMVR

Working prototype of Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun can reportedly stimulate a multitude of weapon fire modes and other haptic effects to the user.

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Tactical Haptics shows us future of VR controller in Oculus

Tactical Haptics Reactive Grip motion controller IamVR Virtual Reality

Tactical Haptics has developed a VR controller with vibration integrated with Oculus Rift for a more realistic experience

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WOW! GloveOne Haptic Feedback Gloves For Virtual Reality are Impressive

GloveOne Haptic

Startup NeuroDigital Technologies introduces GloveOne Haptic at E3. They run their campaign on Kickstarter and managed to raise $151,000. Finally we can expect the VR glove to give us even more immersive experience in Virtual Reality. The price tag is a bit hefty but the experience might just be worth it.

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Manus VR Gloves in Action Using Valve’s Lighthouse Tracking for Hands and Arms


Manus VR's Gloves is in the development stage of it's intuitive VR gloves which will allow you to use your hands in Virtual Reality. Their gloves are using Valve's Lighthouse tracking for arms and hands. I see this as a next step to full submersion into VR. Developers can already get their names down for pre-order!

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