Monday , 17 December 2018
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Tactical Haptics shows us future of VR controller in Oculus

Tactical Haptics Reactive Grip motion controller IamVR Virtual Reality

Tactical Haptics has developed a VR controller with vibration integrated with Oculus Rift for a more realistic experience

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Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive – Which Is The Better VR Controller?

Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive

If you are wondering which VR headset to buy, add the controllers to the equation. Oculus Touch vs. HTC Vive, which one will come on top? Check it out.

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Oculus Finally Gets Controllers Suitable For Manipulating Virtual Worlds

Manipulating Virtual Worlds

Oculus introduced Oculus Touch game controllers to the world on E3 in LA. Currently controllers are doing the job of manipulating the virtual worlds. Oculus Touch seems to be required only in some games. This brings the question, are they going to stick around?

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