Wednesday , 19 December 2018
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Does Tragedy Befall Robin on Batman PSVR Latest Game?

batman psvr

Become the Black Knight on the Batman PSVR game called Arkham VR. Explore the underbelly of Gotham as you uncover the game mysteries.

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Marlene will haunt and scare you forever -15% Black Friday

Marlene Uzigames

Uzigames brings you Marlene, a Virtual Reality supernatural experience. Explore the horror world while you search for your estranged niece Marlene.

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Overkill Goes Live and VR, Exciting 40 Hours of Game Time


The original makers of Overkill 1, 2 and 3 have now gone Virtual Reality. Their new game has just gone live on Steam for the HTC Vive and it is really cool.

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Overkill VR Intense Fun Action Game for HTC Vive Out Nov 16

Overkill VR

Fight behind enemy lines and lead the resistance in the new Overkill VR game coming out November 16 on Steam and HTC Viveport for the HTC Vive from Gameport

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Fly Free And With Ease with Eagle Flight ™ (from Ubisoft)

Eagle Flight Ubisoft IamVR Virtual Reality

Ubisoft announces the launch of their first Virtual Reality Game called Eagle Flight which is now available for Oculus Rift with plans for other platforms.

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Will You Be Evil Or Good? Morality Problems In The Assembly


The Assembly launch trailer for PSVR will raise important questions about the morality, when you will have to choose between right and wrong.

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Playing Games on Gear VR: now with Xbox controller support


Microsoft is working to bring support to Gear VR with its Xbox wireless controller. First announced title to support this will be Minecraft on Gear VR.

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5 Exciting Additions to PlayStation VR Worlds Collection


PlayStation VR Worlds Adds more games into its collection, The London Heist, VR Luge, Scavengers Odyssey, Ocean Descent, Dangerball

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Scream And Drive With DriveClub VR (On PlayStation VR)

DriveClub VR IamVR Virtual Reality

DriveClub VR for Playstation VR might be one of the best driving games out there in Virtual Reality. Design is key factor to making it work.

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11 Bizarre and Funny Ways To Try VR (Without Being There)

swarovski oculus rift headset goggle virtual reality bling

These are some of the 11 Bizarre and funny in Virtual and Augmented Reality that we have seen so far. This might just be the beginning!

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Pokemon Go crosses 100 Million Downloads in a Month on Google Play

Pokemon Go crosses 100 Million Downloads IamVR AR

Mobile App Pokemon Go crosses the 100 Million Download barrier s in a month on Google Play, with millions of people playing the game.

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Presidential Pokemon Go a Campaign Weapon for Candidates

Presidential Pokemon Go Augmented Reality Hilary Clinton Donald Trump

As if the US elections didn't have enough rhetoric on their plates, now Presidential Pokemon Go discussions are taking the limelight

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