Monday , 17 December 2018
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Citi taps Microsoft HoloLens for virtual reality trading


Citi is experimenting with Augmented Reality and virtual reality trading technology to build a virtual set of screens for traders. Through a combination of hand gestures and voice to interact with their virtual trading screens.

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VR Picks for the 21st Century

VR Picks for the 21st Century

For the past few years, a number of companies have been developing technology that has long been a staple of science fiction — virtual reality.

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How retail stores are using virtual reality to make shopping more fun

Retail virtual reality

VR is coming to amusement parks, movie theaters and classrooms. But the technology presents a major opportunity for retailers as they try to lure fickle shoppers into their stores, particularly as consumers shift more of their buying habits online. Although price may be a concern today, that is not stopping retailers from trialling a variety of avenues to increase customer experience and loyalty.

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AP launches first 360° News Channel


AP & AMD launch 360° News Channel

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Samsung patent reveals ‘smart’ contact lens with built-in camera

google concept contact lens

Samsung contact lenses with camera? Incredible.

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IKEA VR kitchen designs – CNBC

Kitchen virtual reality

IKEA trials VR to model your kitchen!

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Oculus VR Delays Could Have Benefits | Tech Bet | CNBC

Oculus Rift Delays

Does the Oculus goggle delay really matter?

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Amazon invests in Virtual Reality

Amazon virtual reality

What does Amazon have in store for us in VR?

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SeedInvest & Virtuix CEOs: Future Of Virtual Reality | Mad Money | CNBC

SeedInvest & Virtuix CEOs: Future Of Virtual Reality

Virtuix: invest in early VR startup, see how

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Opinion: The best stocks for the virtual reality revolution

virtual reality facebook oculus rift

Invest in Virtual Reality stocks. Here are some great ideas.

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