Monday , 17 December 2018
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Bold Move For Apple, Will Iphone Be The First To Be Integrated Into AR?


EPGL a contact lens maker will start talks with Apple in regards to integrate IOS system in the company lenses - AR integration.

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Would it be Shocking if Apple Did Not Jump into VR?

Apple IamVR Virtual Reality

Even without any specific rumours, there is more than enough evidence to suspect that Apple is secretly working on something in Virtual or Augmented Reality

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Intel’s amazing acquisition: Movidius VR, AR, drones, robots

Movidius IamVR Virtual Reality

Intel is acquiring another company in its venture into VR and AR. This time it’s Movidius the maker of compact computer vision chips. 

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Lethargic Sales are Not Tragic for Oculus and Vive


Despite the supply constraints going away, HTC Vive and Oculus have suffered from Lethargic Sales. Its unclear why sales have slowed down.

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Steel Wool Studios Gains Momentum with HTC $5M Investment

Steel Wool Studios IamVR Virtual Reality

HTC continues their Virtual Reality investments with a $5 million stake in Steel Wool Studios. Their focus is on gaming, simulations and VR narratives

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Astounding Prediction by Mark Zuckerberg for VR and AR

VR and AR IamVR Virtual Reality

Mark Zuckerberg at the Q&A in Rome, made the prediction that VR and AR will be the most social platform, whether in Facebook or through other platforms

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Companies in Virtual Reality: Kickass and Worst Investments

investments IamVR Virtual Reality

There are a plenty of companies making big bets on virtual reality -but only a few are looking like a great way to invest in this burgeoning tech industry.

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Does Mark Zuckerberg regret spending $2 billion on Oculus?

Mark Zuckerberg IamVR Virtual Reality

When Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg invested $2 billion in VR start up Oculus the world stopped.. now 2 years on he is not regretting his decision

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Chinese VR market is growing by the minute, can US be still in the game?

Chinese VR market IamVR Virtual Reality

Chinese VR market is rapidly growing, with all of the investment and great hardware for VR, it looks like China is about to take over the VR market.

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Wow Chinese Investors Are Pouring Money Into This VR Start-up

NextVR iamVR Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is hitting big overseas where Chinese investors are investing heavily in VR start ups. NextVR just raised $80million from China.

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Disney and Google Built an Augmented Reality Website for Pete’s Dragon Movie

Pete’s Dragon Movie IamvR Virtual Reality Augmented Reality

Disney continues its push to use virtual reality and augmented reality marketing with Pete’s Dragon Movie website, where you look for dragons.

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Here’s How Best Buy Can Benefit From The Growth In Virtual Reality

Best Buy IamVR VR AR

Best Buy has launched a stores notice an influx of consumers interested in Virtual Reality, same time they want to test the gear out before they buy it.

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The Real Promise for VR is AR in Business

business IamVR VR AR

Virtual Reality is creating opportunities in business. Bloomberg Business predicts big spending could be coming in VR and AR for businesses.

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12 Virtual Reality Stats That Will Blow You Away

baby vr

The stats about the growth of the virtual reality market are tell an interesting story from the market size to waiting time to have it

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4 Awesome Stocks Poised to Dominate the Virtual Reality Market

Virtual Reality Market IamVR

Wondering which companies to invest? Here are 4 stocks to consider that are possible plays for the Virtual Reality Market

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