Monday , 17 December 2018
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New Jersey Six Flags to Offer Gargoyle-Themed Virtual Reality Coaster

New Jersey Six Flags IamVR Virtual Reality

New Jersey Six Flags Amusement Park is set to open a new rollercoaster using virtual reality that will let you fend off a heard off angry gargoyles...sounds scary!

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Mr Robot VR , a Flashback on the Original Series in Virtual Reality

Mr. Robot VR  IamVR Virtual Reality

Mr Robot VR, which was a flashback episode as a one-time event, is available on Within and also on USA Network. Its pretty awesome so check it out.

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Netflix’s Stranger Things in VR part of Exclusive Netflix Zone

Stranger Things in VR IamVR

Netflix has released Stranger Things in VR, as part of Netflix Exclusive Zone where you can watch it in Virtual Reality and other devices.

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Korea’s VR Plus opens first ever VR cafe with 3 fun zones

VR Plus

VR Plus launches the first ever cafe in Seoul, which is more of a VR experience center using HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and a variety of equipment and content.

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Announcing the Binge.Watch VR Event in Germany

binge watch

Coming this September 22nd & 23rd September, Binge.Watch is hosting the first creative festival for virtual reality, mixed reality and spherical video.

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This Is How Virtual Reality Will Change Entertainment And Possibly Everything Else

Virtual Reality Will Change Entertainment IamVR

Toronto based film makers are talking about how Virtual Reality will change the way we make movies

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Canada’s first popup VR cinema courtesy of Gear VR

VR cinema

Canada had it's first Virtual Reality pop up Cinema, thanks to Gear VR.

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Euronews to launch virtual reality news with Google support

Euronews virtual reality IamVR

Pan-European news channel Euronews is to launch a virtual reality news reporting project with funding from the Google Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund.

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Virtual reality and Netflix: The future of VR in-flight entertainment is coming

Virtual reality Netflix iamvr

Netflix is working on VR in-flight entertainment for the future travel. Soon enough everyone will be flying with VR headsets on.

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Watch Incredible 360 Tornado Video!

tornado 360 video

Tornado 360 video is almost too intense to watch!

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Dream Park VR

Dream Park VR

I have never met a person who hated theme parks. The magic of rides, the buzz, the excitement. Recently there is a lot of whispers about Virtual Reality coming into theme parks. From the Super man roller coaster ride to Void the full-on VR experience. Could this be the future of the theme parks? Perhaps we will call them Dream Parks VR or is Virtual Reality just a visitor in that space and will be waving goodbye soon? After all we all remember the Virtual Reality of the 90's flop. Perhaps that was such a short-lived occurrence that you didn't even know about it? Let's look further into that phenomenon.

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3 Virtual Reality Fireworks for 4th of July

Virtual Reality Fireworks for 4th of July

Happy 4th of July. Here are 3 Virtual Reality Fireworks for 4th of July, in case you couldn't go out and experience it outside. Enjoy!

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Google Launches New Arts & Culture App With Virtual Reality And More For Endless Artistic Exploration

Google Launches New Arts & Culture App Virtual reality iamvr

Google Launches New Arts & Culture App which will change the way we interact with art

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Virtual Reality Could Be Film’s Next ‘New Wave’

Virtual Reality Film's next wave

With the wider availability of Virtual Reality, the movie going experience could quickly shift from Widescreen or 3D experiences into a totally immersive virtual reality 3D experience. This shift could be the film's next 'new wave' in film creation, production and viewing.

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Otherworld Interactive’s Sisters VR To Get 3 Episode Follow Up

sisters VR

If you enjoyed Sisters in VR the ghost horror experience, you will be happy to hear that there will be more! It has been announced on E3 at IndieCade’s booth is Otherworld Interactive’s Sisters will have a sequel. There will be 3 more episodes. More info below.

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