Monday , 17 December 2018
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Pikachu Pleased On Your Wrist! Apple Agrees [Pokémon Go]

Pikachu Pokemon Go Augmented Reality

Apple announces the new iWatch. This round Pikachu will be there from Pokemon Go to at least alert you when you need to look at your phone.

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First Ever 360 Virtual Reality Ballet Inspired by Swan Lake

Virtual Reality ballet IamVR

The Dutch National Ballet have created the world's first ever Virtual Reality ballet to bring you into a completely immersive experience beyond ballet.

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5 Celebrities First Investment into VR Entertainment


From movies to games to investments, these 5 celebrities have begun to make early steps into the world of Virtual Reality with their talent and support

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StarVR Goggles are Heading to Imax with Insane 5K & 210 FOV

StarVR IAmVR Virtual Reality

Acer and StarBreeze announced that they are in the process of shipping the StarVR goggles to IMAX VR for an incredible immersive experience.

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Björk Pioneers VR Inspired Exhibition – Arrives in London

Björk IamVR Virtual Reality

Bjork's VR show opened today in London. The show includes the much-hyped VR exhibition, Björk Digital, with a 3D avatar live from Iceland

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Steel Wool Studios Gains Momentum with HTC $5M Investment

Steel Wool Studios IamVR Virtual Reality

HTC continues their Virtual Reality investments with a $5 million stake in Steel Wool Studios. Their focus is on gaming, simulations and VR narratives

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Brilliant Fireproof VR Camera Rig May Save Lives One Day

Fireproof VR Camera IamVR

Firefighters in New Zealand are testing Fireproof VR Camera that potentially will save lives one day, hopefully in the near future.

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“Most Powerful Story of All Time”, 90 Minute Jesus VR Film

Jesus VR IamVR Virtual Reality

The 90-minute film is created by Autumn Productions and the VR production company VRWERX and brings us a Virtual Reality experience with Jesus VR

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Astounding Prediction by Mark Zuckerberg for VR and AR

VR and AR IamVR Virtual Reality

Mark Zuckerberg at the Q&A in Rome, made the prediction that VR and AR will be the most social platform, whether in Facebook or through other platforms

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Crazy News From NZ, (Dominos) Pizza Delivery By Drone!

Pizza Delivery

Dominos is launching a new for pizza delivery, by drones. Started in New Zealand so don't get your hopes up yet if you're not in NZ.

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New ‘Star Wars’ (Theme Park) A Great Surprise – Lightsaber

Lightsaber IamVR Virtual Reality

Fans of Star Wars will be happy to know that there is a Theme Park, which allows you to fight with a real life lightsaber to fight in reality.

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Microsoft and Legendary Excite with HoloLens and Warcraft

Microsoft HoloLens Brings Warcraft IamVR Virtual Reality

Microsoft HoloLens teamed up with Legendary to bring Warcraft to your living room. This is a great begining of fantastic things to come.

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11 Bizarre and Funny Ways To Try VR (Without Being There)

swarovski oculus rift headset goggle virtual reality bling

These are some of the 11 Bizarre and funny in Virtual and Augmented Reality that we have seen so far. This might just be the beginning!

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Exciting – Be the Alfred Hitchcock of Virtual Reality!

Alfred Hitchcock IamVR Virtual Reality

Alfred Hitchcock is still very relevant, his movies are timeless. Hitchcock's movies are made in a way Virtual Reality should be made.

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Ubisoft Announces Funny Nosulus Rift for South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Nosulus Rift

Ubisoft brings us a new way to experience Virtual Reality with the Nosulus Rift. If you can't smell it, then how do you know its real? Just watch!

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