Wednesday , 16 January 2019
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Badass Hackvention In Hannover Will Host Atari Founder

Hackvention VR Hannover IamVR

If you do not have plans for this weekend, you just made them now. Come to Hannover in Germany to experience first ever Hackvention.

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SpaceVR to Launch Exciting 360 VR Space Experience (2017)

SpaceVR Virtual Reality IamVR

SpaceVR originally funded on Kickstarter has finally got a launch agreement in place that will their Overview 1 satellite with VR 4K cameras into space.

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Horror Week – Top 3 Best Horror Apps For Halloween

Best Horror Apps Halloween iamvr ar vr

There is so many games and apps for mobile devices, here are the best horror apps out there. Try them and get ready for Halloween.

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Horror Week – 3 Best Horror Movie Trailers For VR Headset

The Insidious 2 Horror IamVR Virtual reality trailer

Just in time for Halloween Mood setting I have a real treat for you - 3 Best Horror Movie Trailers which are available for 360 and VR

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Horror Week – Aggravate The Ghost In The Forest Trailer VR

Suicide Forest IamVR 360 video trailer VR IamVR

The Forest Trailer will make you happy that you do not have a twin that just happened to disappear in The Suicide Forest.

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Horror Week The Walking Dead Surround You In This 360 Video

The Walking Dead 360 video IamVR VR Zombies

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has kicked off with this terrifying 360 video, where you are surrounded by hoards of zombies and have no chances to escape.

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Halloween Is Coming So Let’s Get Ready For VR Scary Time

halloween horror week IamVR

There is only 6 days left till Halloween. Let's get scared and terrified together this week with Horror week special, apps, games and experiences all in VR.

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Massive Hunt for Palmer Luckey. Snap a Photo, Win VR ObserVR

Palmer Luckey ObserVR VR Prime headset

Palmer Luckey has been missing ever since he was discovered supporting Trump Memes with Nimble America. Help us find him and win a VR headset.

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Stay Calm And Carry On – IMAX VR coming to UK (12 Pods)

IMAX UK VR 12 pods Manchester

IMAX will be bringing 12 pods to Manchester UK where you can sit inside, put on VR headsets, and explore the cinematic experiences of film

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Eurosport Launches Exciting Drone Races TV Series (with DR1)

drone races

Drone Races are becoming more popular amongst wider audience. Eurosport has announced a TV venture with DR1 to show Drone Racing.

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Valve Tease 360 Degree Video Is Adaptable For 10k resolution

10k resolution 360 degree video

Valve talked collaboration with video streaming services Pixvana and Akamai, where they'll be delivering 360 degree video streaming 10K resolution

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Amazing The Simpsons VR Couch Gag Coming With 600th Episode

The Simpsons IamVR Virtual Reality

Special virtual reality experience for The Simpsons couch gag, “Planet of the Couches,” in the milestone 600th episode of the animated series.

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Epic News: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Is Coming To Oculus, Thanks Disney!

Blade Runner 2049 IamVR Oculus Disney

Many people remember Blade Runner from the 80's, now Disney teamed up with Oculus to bring 'Blade Runner 2049' to VR headsets.

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Holocaust Survivor Witnesses Own Rescue In New VR Experience

holocaust defying the nazis virtual reality

A virtual reality holocaust virtual reality film has been produced by PBS. The film takes you to experience concentration camps called Defying the Nazis.

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10K Instances Of Distracted Driving A Day Due To Pokemon Go


There are about 10000 distracted drivers and pedestrians each day on the road in the USA, while playing the Pokemon Go, as reported on Twitter

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