Monday , 17 December 2018
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Be Inspired at Work: Japan Airlines & HoloLens Mixed Reality

japan airlines hololens mixed reality microsoft virtual reality

Japan Airlines and Microsoft teamed up together to develop a training program on airline engines using the HoloLens for remote learning and higher safety

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VR Design Made So Easy Even Kids Can Do It (from Delightex)

coSpaces IamVR Virtual Reality Coding for Kids

A startup called Delightex has built a VR toolkit so that even kids can make apps and experiences. The toolkit is called CoSpaces and looks promising.

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Sadly Only a Small Percent of Students Can Access VR

VR Learning IamVR Virtual Reality

Education is being highly influenced by Virtual Reality and the opportunities are enormous for the amount of content to be created for VR Learning.

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Meet Photon, the first robot that grows up with your child

Photon Robot

Photon is a clever little Robot designed to grow up with children while also teaching them programming.

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Learning is made fun with Lifeliqe in Augmented Reality

Lifeliqe IamVR Augmented Reality

Interactive learning using 3D models is here thanks to Lifeliqe. Their platform enables both teachers to produce interactive content and stimulates students to learn and explore.

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Virtual Reality And Education Expanding Your Brain

Virtual Reality And Education Expanding Your Brain IamVR

VR is a useful tool, and a productive enhancement to human education, bridging knowledge, cultural understanding and empathy among students.

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With Free Headsets, Nearpod Enticing Schools to Try Virtual Reality

Nearpod iamvr virtual reality

Nearpod is entering into the education content market with the idea that kids do not need expensive goggles to be excited about learning in VR. They are giving free entry level goggles to pupils whose schools signed up to the Nearpod's program.

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Virtual Reality and Primary Education

Virtual Reality and Primary Education

Virtual Reality is moving to school and it starting to make a splash. With google cardboard glasses available for few dollars and everyone owning a smartphone, education in VR can be the future of schooling system. Places never possible to visit and experience.

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HTC selects Lifeliqe as educational VR content partner

HTC selects Lifeliqe

Lifeliqe just partnered with HTC to provide VR educational content for the Vive. The company has already many non VR educational projects under their belt. This new partnership will be interesting.

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Put a HoloLens in the Classroom and I’ll Happily Go Back to School

Put a HoloLens in the Classroom and I'll Happily Go Back to School

With Augmented Reality using headsets like Hololens, the opportunities in education increase. We can interact and create models to provide us a unique insight.

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Deakin University to Bring AR to Classrooms

Deaking University Bring AR Classrooms

Deakin University introduces Augmented Reality to the classroom with the first efforts to be trialled in the medicine. They will trial it with med students enable students to interact with vital organs. With ambitious plans to expand this to the classroom, they also plan to launch a Masters in AR as well.

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President Obama To Be In New Virtual Reality National Park Experience

President Obama

President Obama embraced Virtual Reality in his recent visit to Yosemite National Park. He has been turned into a unique VR experience where you can take a walk with the President.

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Play with 3D Mickey Mouse from a 2D cartoon book – Disney research labs

disney research labs kids augmented reality

Disney Research Labs brings us a taste of what is to come in the world of Augmented Reality for kids.

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‘V-Frog’ Virtual Reality Frog Dissection Software Offers First True Physical Simulation

V-Frog, is the world's first virtual reality based frog dissection software designed for biology education, allowing not just observation, but also a physically simulated dissection. V-Frog, which operates on a personal computer using a standard mouse, actually simulates nearly unlimited manipulation of specimen tissue.

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How Virtual Reality Works

Virtual Reality Nvidia’s Eye Tracking Tech

No matter what we call it, Virtual Reality is really about using computer technology to create a simulated, three-dimensional world that a user can manipulate and explore while feeling as if he were in that world.

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