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Can My Airplane Reality Please Be In VR?


What if we can loose ourselves in Virtual Reality while on an airplane? Wouldn’t that be something? Forget uber realistic video games and simulations. We need a new airplane reality using virtual reality devices on airplanes and we needed them yesterday.


MARCH 29, 2016


The new airplane reality is a virtual reality

When I woke up this morning, I was completely over virtual reality. Everyone’s talking about it so much that I’m exhausted from hearing about new games but how it’s not “there yet” over and over and over…
But then I got on an airplane about 15 minutes ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Forget uber realistic video games and simulations. Airplanes is where VR can change the game. Get me the heck out of here and onto some virtual beach ASAP, Oculus.

Yes, I am writing this on the plane. My laptop is on the tiny tray table in front of me and it’s jutting into my chest. I’m typing like a T. Rex and, oh yeah, I’m also in the middle seat. Between two “not skinny” people, sitting like a statue because I don’t know what to do with my elbows. Middle seat gets the armrest, right?

I think the dude in the window seat just farted. And yup, there’s the crying baby.

Needless to say, I’d prefer to be literally anywhere else right now. And I’m confident I’ll feel the same way in two hours when my first movie ends and I’m reminded that there are still four hours to go.

This is my nightmare.

And as I sit here sandwiched between two strangers, all I’m thinking about is how to escape my current situation…

Virtual reality, where are you? This is your calling.

Think about it. A huge knock on VR is that you look like an anti-social idiot cyborg with sunglasses on your face. Which you do.

VR in airplane

But is there anywhere else more acceptable to look like a Geordi La Forge wannabe than on an airplane? Rhetorical question, the answer is no.

So why are we not talking more about this potential? Why are United, Virgin, Delta and whoever else is flying humans around the globe not all over this?

Hey, airline CEOs everywhere, there’s finally something that I’d have zero problem paying extra for (the checked baggage fees and $10 beers will never be okay) and you don’t offer it?

Give me the option of having a VR headset waiting for me in my seat and you could name your price. I’d buy, no questions asked, take my money.

Make this happen, please. My next flight is in June, so you have two months.

Okay, we’re about to take off now, and “all large electronic devices must be stowed for take off.”

Window seat just farted again.




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