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Will BT Sports Win With This New Immersive Software PIERO?

Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson has signed BT Sport as its first client for PIERO Augmented Reality

This Augmented Reality software system to build immersive viewing experiences on television. British TV channel BT Sport will use Ericsson’s PIERO sports graphics software for rugby.

According to Thorsten Sauer, Ericcson’s Head of Broadcast and Media Services, the immersive technology will allow broadcasters to elevate sports programming by going beyond pre-built 2D graphics and bring content to life through data-driven stories for deeper engagement.

How it works?

PIERO Augmented Reality, enables broadcasters to overlay 3D graphics in real-time during live studio productions and sports games. Sports analysis graphics can be produced instantly either by a system operator or by a presenter using a tablet device. The graphics are then projected onto the studio floor in 3D allowing broadcasters to illustrate the analysis sequence without cutting away from the studio environment.


Source: Haptic


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