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BMW’s Innovative Concept Motorcycle (AR and Free Standing)

The BMW Concept Motorcycle comes with an Augmented Reality Headset

When we think of the future of how Augmented Reality will interact with our daily lives, we don’t often think about how it will affect us in driving. However, BMW’s Innovative Concept Motorcycle crosses into some interesting territory with their latest concept.

BMW Concept Motorcycle IamVR AR

The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100

The motorbike itself is still a roadster according to BMW. The additional benefit of the motorcycle is that it is self-balancing meaning that it does so both standing still and also when riding. The exciting aspect for me is the Augmented Reality headset that comes with this concept motorcycle!The AR headset (or visors as BMW refers to them) are a pair of data glasses that provide you a full view. Normally in VR we see an FOV (field of view of around 110-130 degrees) so the idea of a complete FOV including peripheral vision is pretty exciting. BMW says that the visor will provide both AR features as well as a good windscreen. The visor is also communicating information with the motorcycle such as hazardous road information.

The visor is not intended for active use. When a driver is going straight then the visor would not display any information. The idea is to minimise any distractions to the driver. When a driver wants to look back, they can also do so by looking slightly upwards to trigger a rearview mirror function.

What is really interesting is how BMW has designed the motorbike concept to be integrated with the Augmented Reality visor. They have made it interactive so that when action is required or when a rider requests information, then the visor will become active similar to that of a cockpit in an airplane. The rider can also call on the display through eye movements.

The display will show angle and suggested line of site for driving so that the driver can adjust accordingly. In addition, the visor can provide suggestions on hazardous conditions both to the driver and concept motorcycle. In the event that the rider fails to react or is too slow to react BMW suggests that the motorcycle can still auto-correct to prevent injury or accident.

BMW Concept Motorcycle IamVR AR

So is this the future of motorbiking and will these types of visors replace the current helmets? Will we even need helmets if the motorbikes are “smart enough” to prevent hazardous situations?

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