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Announcing the Binge.Watch VR Event in Germany

Coming this September 22nd & 23rd September, Binge.Watch is hosting the first creative festival for virtual reality, mixed reality and spherical video. Although details are still coming, we anticipate that Augmented Reality will also be included as well as other aspects such as Photogrammetry and immersive video and photography.

The event is being held at the Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany and will include two days of sessions, talks and workshops. In addition, meet creators, producers, technologists and marketeers from around the world to discuss the state of technology, creativity and our industry.

Content creators also have an opportunity to submit their work for the first ever Binge.Watch awards across the following six categories:

  • best immersive experience

    This is pure digital, crafted, immersive creative work teleporting us to never been and never experienced spheres. You take us boldly, where no HMD has gone before. Show us the future of Virtual Reality!

  • best music experience

    Music, an art form from ancient times. Earthshaking total immersion, triggering deepest, most personal emotions. VR tech, driven by innovation, on the edge with limitless possibilities. What a melting pot! Show us the future of music!

  • best video experience

    May the sphere be with and all around you. The consumer is the director. Really good, well developed content with sparkling storytelling is what we are looking for here. Submit for this award if you hope, your experience holds the 360-key to it all!

  • the b.w ( game-changer award

    The imagination is the limit. Your creativity lets us explore and re-experience the world with a radical new perspective. Show us how you will change the way we teach, learn, work, play, live. Show us your game changer!

  • best documentary experience

    Your work puts the viewer into the center of the real world. You bring us to exotic destinations and into the heart of a crisis. You help us re-experience the real world from a new perspective. You deserve the best documentary experience award.

  • best gaming experience

    The VR/MR playground is wide open and the world is ready to play in new dimensions. Please submit for this category if you find your piece of gaming software outstandingly extraordinary in the vastly growing number of titles.

For more information about the awards event, you can find visit the website. You can also follow us on IamVR as we provide updated information about the event.

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