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Best Gamepad VR Controller: Control the Thrill of VR Games

Why Gamepad? – Your virtual reality headset is now in your hand but not in your command.

While you are playing exciting games on the VR device, you need the best wireless gamepad that can add some more fun and excitement. Before you choose any gamepad for your VR headset, make sure that the controller is smartly designed. The Bluetooth gamepad should not cause any exertion on your thumbs.

We have listed the best VR controllers for real gamers. We know how tough it is for you to put that VR headset aside during that thrilling chase of enemy. During the play, you are not able to see your fingers; and therefore, you need to pick up a gamepad that offers a superior grip and easy-to-navigate buttons.

Best Gamepad VR Controllers

1. SteelSeries


A gamer would never like any interruption when he is playing his favourite game. SteelSeries, therefore, offers a strong battery (AA) that ensures 40 hours of gameplay. If you can avoid hunger and sleep for 40 hours, you can certainly enjoy your choice of game. This wireless USB game controller is designed ergonomically with LED notifications, clickable joysticks, and complete customization of joystick sensitivity and trigger actuation. This wireless game pad is compatible with Windows 7 and later; moreover, you can also connect your Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus and other VR headsets.

Price: $59.99 [$55.08 while writing this on]

2. Matricom


Matricom is known for producing superior quality ABS plastic game pads that are compatible with Samsung Gear VR, G-Box Q and other Bluetooth enabled input devices. The current gamepad controller boasts dual mode connectivity that makes it highly compatible with multiple platforms. Unlike other Virtual Reality Controllers, Matricom offers rechargeable lithium ion battery. A striking feature of this wireless gamepad is that you can charge the battery through a mini USB cable and play the game at the same time. Now enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience!

Price: $59.90 [$22.90 while writing this on]

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