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See Your Hands in VR – Absolutely Fun Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion Controller lets you use your hands in VR. Its a very sensitive and responsive dongle so that you can grasp and throw things with ease.

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Everysight AR Sunglasses Help Cyclists Achieve Greatness

Everysight AR Sunglasses

Everysight AR Sunglasses, called Raptors, are currently available for test pilots for cyclists and triathletes to optimise their performance.

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GVRA Ultimate Collaboration of 6 VR Companies to Benefit Us


The GVRA has formed by major VR companies to promote best practices, collaboration, research and to influence industry and policy makers around the world.

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Crazy Dexmo Exoskeleton with Incredible Control in VR

dexmo exoskeleton

Dexta Robotics are the producers of Dexmo Exoskeleton a haptic glove for Virtual Reality with wireless, Force Feedback, and motion control technology.

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Does Tragedy Befall Robin on Batman PSVR Latest Game?

batman psvr

Become the Black Knight on the Batman PSVR game called Arkham VR. Explore the underbelly of Gotham as you uncover the game mysteries.

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Marlene will haunt and scare you forever -15% Black Friday

Marlene Uzigames

Uzigames brings you Marlene, a Virtual Reality supernatural experience. Explore the horror world while you search for your estranged niece Marlene.

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Now Watch Your Favorite Films in VR, 10% Cmoar Black Friday

Cmoar Black Friday

Cmoar is a fully immersive cinema VR experience that puts you right into a theatre. Now you can get a special 10% off on the Cmoar Black Friday deal.

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Awesome! Chernobyl VR Black Friday HTC Vive 30% Off Discount

Chernobyl VR Black Friday

The Farm 51 have created an amazing immersive experience in Chernobyl. Now they have a 30% Chernobyl VR Black Friday deal. Don't Miss it!

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PSVR Headset is Superb – 7 Reasons to Buy on Black Friday

psvr headset

The PSVR Headset is really quite impressive. We have put together our 7 key findings which cover everything we learned that is worth knowing.

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Be Badass and Create Your Own 3D Avatar Double in VR

3D Avatar

Uraniom have created a unique way to upload your double as 3D Avatar into a variety of VR and AR games, apps and experiences to be your best self.

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Overkill Goes Live and VR, Exciting 40 Hours of Game Time


The original makers of Overkill 1, 2 and 3 have now gone Virtual Reality. Their new game has just gone live on Steam for the HTC Vive and it is really cool.

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Skinterface Overcome the VR Boundries With Breakthrough Tech


Skinterface have developed a skin material developed to fill a gap in VR. Their suit enables you to feel and experience a variety of sensations in VR.

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RideOn Revolutionizes Sports – Amazing Mixed Reality Goggles

RideOn Mixed Reality Goggles

RideOn is the first maker of Mixed Reality google for outdoor and extreme sports. The goggles are designed to work in bright light conditions.

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HTC WIFI For $220 but $1000 for VR Just Seems Greedy

HTC WIFI add-on

HTC Adds Wifi to their virtual reality headset to enable people a lot more freedom, but it comes at a pretty high price to get started in VR.

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Rejoice with Astonishing Train Speed & AR too (Hyperloop)

hyperloop augmented reality

Hyperloop One expands their research into delivering high speed trains, awesome technology, and perhaps even Augmented Reality Displays

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